34D Bra Size

34d bra size is widely available in all bra brands, so if you’re a 34d, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding your bra size.

D being the third letter of the alphabet and 34 is a typical band size for many women. You are almost guaranteed to find a 34d bra in every store (unless it’s sold-out).

What makes a 34d

What will determine a 34d bra will be the band size and the cup size.

If you have measured your bust size, and for example, you get a 34 for your under bust (band size) and 38 for your bust, and minus 34 from 38 will equal to 4, which will give you a 34D bra size.

What bra size is 34d

Bust Minus Band DifferenceBand SizeCup Size

34D bra size by countries

The chart below shows you what a 34d bra size is by country so that you’ll find it easy to find a US 34D in a different country bra size.


If you’re not sure if your bra should be a 34d bra size, use the link below:


What size sports bra for 34d?

A 34d bra size would be an M in a sports bra.

If you wear a size 34d bra, what other size would fit?

Another size that would fit a 34d:

  • Sister size down 32DD
  • Sister size up to 36C

What is the difference between bra size 34d and 36c?

The difference is the band size and the cup size. If your 34d doesn’t fit correctly, you can go up a band size of 36 and down a cup size of C to get a better fitting bra.


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