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Your Guide to the Backless Bra  

Although technology has vastly improved, you might not be comfortable wearing a stick-on bra. 

Whether you’re particularly busty and think that these bras don’t offer enough support, or you don’t trust the adhesive, you might not be interested in stick on. 

But you still have an option for those backless tops and dresses: the backless bra

Pros and Cons of a Backless Bra

  • They offer support under tricky outfits
  • They are more supportive than sticky bras
  • They help your clothes drape better over your body
  • Some of them aren’t low enough for all backless tops and dresses
  • They may lose their elasticity more quickly than other bras

What is a Backless Bra? 

A backless bra is a style of bra made to lift and support the breasts from a lower spot on your body. 

There are different styles available for backless shirts and dresses. 

  • Non-visible strip: The main allure of a backless bra is that you can wear it with open-back outfits. Some styles offer have strips that sit near the small of the back, so they are not visible under your outfit. 
  • Different fabrics: Backless bras come in a variety of different fabrics to suit your needs. You can find softer materials that don’t show through sheer outfits or sturdier fabrics that offer more support. 
  • Strap options: Backless bras typically feature straight straps, but you can find them in halter neck, strapless, or convertible options, depending on your preference. 

What to Consider When Shopping for a Backless Bra

  1. Your body type: Women come in all shapes and sizes, and one bra style is not appropriate for everyone. If you’re a large busted woman with firm breast tissue, you might not need a style that’s as supportive as someone with softer breast tissue. 
  2. Look for the right style: Some backless bras feature a band that sits near the small of your back. Often, this band wraps around your waist for extra support. You can also opt for a bodysuit for more support and added shaping. 
  3. Try on multiple sizes: Since the bands of a backless bra aren’t situated on your rib cage, you may need to choose a different size than the one you would typically wear. Try on different sizes before you buy a bra. 

Backless Bra Styles

  • Bustier: A backless bustier is one of the most supportive styles. The band extends down your rib cage and fastens low on the back. Some backless bustiers also push the breasts up. Pick this style if you want it to stay put all night. 
  • Bralette: Backless bralettes are on the market for those who want light support under backless tops and dresses. This style features a thinner band that fastens low on the back. They aren’t low enough for the most plunging styles, so if your backless dress stops at your waist, you might want to try a different bra. 
  • Convertible Straps: Some backless bras offer convertible straps that you can remove and reconfigure to change their shape. You can use the converter to give the bra a lower bank depending on your needs. 

Why Choose a Backless Bra

  1. You want to cover your nipples: You could just opt to go braless under your backless dress. But some women are uncomfortable with visible nipples. If you are one of them, a backless bra will cover them without ruining your outfit. 
  2. You want some support: Depending on your size and the firmness of your breast tissue, going braless can be uncomfortable. Backless bras offer shape and support for anyone who isn’t ready to walk around without support. 
  3. You want to shape: Whether you opt for a backless bra with padding or choose backless shapewear, you might need a backless bra to shape your body. Picking the right undergarment helps enhance your assets, making you look great in your clothes. 

With advances in lingerie, you’re no longer limited to high-backed dresses and tops if you want to support under your outfit. 

Backless bras come in all shapes and sizes. You can easily find one for your favorite outfit. 

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