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Shopping for the correct bra is not always a fun task for women, and it can be time-consuming and frustrating since there are so many styles, sizes, and colors to choose from, but there is one bra that many women may overlook.

The balconette bra may be the answer in a world full of push-up bras, bralettes, strapless, and so many other types.

When it comes to providing you with the support, lift, and cleavage you want in a bra, the balconette bra seems to outshine the others. 

It can be worn for special occasions, including weddings and fundraiser galas, or a casual evening at the park with your kids. 

This type of bra will give you the confidence you need no matter where you go or doing.

What is a Balconette Bra?

A balconette bra is designed in a popular shape since it provides a more rounded look and excellent support yet with less coverage than a bra designed with a full cup style. 

The straps of the balconette bra are wider-set and instead of connecting to the cups in the center, the straps connect at the side of the cup instead.

The balconette bra, which was first created in the 1930s and worn by several starlets, including Marilyn Monroe, gets its name from the fact that if you are looking down from a balcony to a woman below, you can see her shape and cleavage but not the bra or the bra straps. 

It provides a pin-up girl type of look, so it is very sexy, retro, and stylish as well. 

The shorter seamed cups offer just the right amount of lift and material, making for a perfect plunging neckline. 

Since the straps are wider than most other bras, there is added support and grip, so the bra will stay in place but is hidden, even when you are wearing a top or dress with a wider neckline. 

You can also opt for a balconette bra with vertical seams under the cups, if needed, as well as an underwire for even more lift.

Features of Balconette Bras:

  • Half-Coverage cups
  • Underwires
  • Wider Set Straps
  • Contoured Shape
  • There are No Visible Straps
  • Provides Enhanced Cleavage

What Are the Benefits of a Balconette Bra?

There are many benefits of a balconette bra, including that they offer more support than other bras. 

They also offer extra support and are very versatile to be worn with various outfits and styles. 

Balconette bras are available in various materials, including some wrapped in lace, ones with ribbons or even sequins, and some balconette bras that are simply plain or understated. 

Any way you look at it, these bras are all beautiful in their own way and will support your breasts as you engage in a variety of activities, from a game of tennis to a night out on the town with your friends.

The balconette bra is not to be confused with the Demi-cup style. The balconette bra offers a straighter cut near the line of the nipple of the breast and has a cleaner look to it. 

The Demi-cup bra is shaped more like a half-moon.

Since the balconette bra enhances a woman’s cleavage and supports women with broader shoulders and firmer breasts, they can be worn in many situations. 

Balconette bras are versatile and comfortable enough to wear for everyday use, or you can wear one with a wedding or evening gown. 

This type of bra works exceptionally well, with tops and dresses with a wider neckline, such as a boat neck or a square neckline. 

It will also work well if you wear a top or dress with a low-cut neckline or even a sweetheart neckline. 

This type of bra also works well with a strapless blouse, dress, evening gown, sweater, or prom gown.

Advantages of the Balconette Bra:

  • Added cleavage and support that make the breasts look more full, rounder, and attractive.
  • The padding on the underside will add more volume to make breasts appear larger.
  • Firm support that allows this type of bra to be worn with tons of different outfits and styles.
  • The array of colors and fabrics that are available make this bra wearable by most women.

The balconette bra is worth a try, even if you are wearing it with a T-shirt. Many women love this style of bra, and you just may too. 

You can purchase one at most stores that sell bras or through an online store, although it is best to try a bra on before purchasing to ensure you choose the right style and size.

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