Bandeau Bra

What is a bandeau bra?

A bandeau bra is a stretchy fabric tube with bands on the top and bottom that help it stay in place. 

This versatile style complements a variety of outfits and is perfect with body-con dresses. 

Some bandeau bras are lacy with decorative touches that add a soft feminine touch to plunging necklines for which you want more coverage. 

Since there is no boning or wires, these bras are easy to roll up and throw in your bag when you want to travel light. 

what is a bandeau bra
what is a bandeau bra?

Using a Bandeau Bra to Elevate Your Outfit

Since bandeau bras come in different styles and colors, you can pair them with a wide range of outfits. 

Along with plunging styles, you can also add one to these garments for a no-fuss yet put-together ensemble. 

  • Overalls: Wearing a bandeau bra under overalls is a stylish and sexy way to beat the heat. 
  • High-waisted skirts: Find a full coverage bandeau in a bright color or pattern and wear it with a high-waisted skirt for a casual yet flirty summer ensemble. 
  • Blazer: Dress down a blazer with a cute, stylish bandeau. Choose one with lace or ruffles to add some sex appeal to your outfit. 

How to Pick a Bandeau

There are some considerations to make when shopping for a bandeau. 

Since you pull them over your head, they can be tricky to put on and take off, particularly if your breasts are larger. 

Know your size before you go to avoid getting stuck in an awkward position in the fitting room. 

Here are some tips you can use to pick the right one. 

  1. Consider the size: For your bra to stay put, it must fit properly. Measure your bust and look at the size guide to pick the one that works for you. 
  2. Try it on: Like many bra styles, you’ll get the best results if you try before you buy. Make sure your bra is snug enough to stay put but not so tight it’ll be uncomfortable.
  3. Consider your comfort level: Bandeau bras may not be comfortable or supportive enough for women with larger breasts. If you’re well endowed, consider another style of strapless bra or a decorative bralette. 

Why You Should Consider a Bandeau Bra

You want to show off your shouldersA bandeau bra is great for strapless tops. If you’re proud of your shoulders and decollete, this style lets you wear them with ease.
Your outfit is casualSome strapless styles are meant for formal attire and can be too bulky and constrictive for casual outfits. A bandeau is a comfy alternative.
You don’t like underwiresOne of the biggest allures of a bandeau bra is that it doesn’t feature underwires. This style won’t dig into your skin,
When it’s hot outsideSince these bras are lightweight and don’t have straps and fasteners, they are great for hot days. Since many are stylish enough to be worn alone, you can build your favorite summer party outfits with these bras.

Where to Buy

You can find bandeau bras at most large department stores and lingerie retailers. 

Check out your favorite brands online to see what styles and colors they offer if you’re not sure. 

Not all bandeaus are appropriate to be worn alone, so decide how you’re going to wear them before you go shopping. 

Hit up multiple stores to find different brands until you see the right style for you. 

A bandeau bra can elevate a casual outfit from basic and cute to stylish and sexy. 

This style is perfect for travel because it’s lightweight and easy to pack. Consider adding a range of bandeaus to your wardrobe today. 

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