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Your Guide to the Binder Bra

You may choose to bind your chest for many reasons. To bind your chest safely and effectively, use a binding bra. 

Binding bras are specialized undergarments designed to make the breasts look smaller and can even flatten the chest entirely. 

How Does a Binder Bra Work? 

  1. Synthetic Fibers: Binder bras rely on very sturdy synthetic fibers for compression. Some look like sports bras without seams, while others are lightly boned. 
  2. Cotton Panel: Chest binding can be uncomfortable, so binder bras offer cotton panels to make them more so. 
  3. Binding: Whether it’s done through compression material or boning, a binder will push the breast tissue down into the skin, making breasts appear smaller or completely flat. 

Risks of Chest Binding

If you’re wearing a binder bra under a costume or to rehabilitation from surgery, you probably don’t have to worry about the risks. 

But if you’re transgender or non-binary, you might face risks involved with chest binding every day. A binder bra can help minimize these risks. 

  • Infections: Because chest binding is so constrictive, you run the risk of acne, bacterial, and fungal infections. This is more common when non-traditional binding materials like tape are used to bind the breasts. 
  • Pain: Binding bras are tight. They are designed to mask your natural shape rather than enhance it, and as such, they can lead to pain in your chest, shoulders, and back. 
  • Shortness of breath: If your breasts are large, you might choose a more restrictive binder bra, but make sure you can breathe. Wearing a bra with too much compression will make it harder to breathe. Switch to a sports bra when working out. 

How to Buy a Binder Bra

  1. Determine your size: Binder bra sizes can differ depending on the manufacturer. If you’re ordering one online, check out the sizing chart. Measure yourself around your rib cage and then again at the widest part of your chest. Keep the tape snug. Add these two numbers together and divide by two. Then look at the size chart.
  2. Pick your style: Pick a style based on your desired level of binding and consider your clothing. If you wear a lot of t-shirts and other clothes made of thin fabrics, consider a tank-top style. For less compression, choose a minimizer over a binder bra. 
  3. Evaluate your options: Some binder bras can be worn anywhere, including while swimming. Look through product descriptions and reviews. 
  4. Try it on: If you’re ordering a binder bra online, check the return and exchanges policy before you check out. Once you receive it, you should try it on to make sure you can still breathe and move comfortably. 

Who Uses a Binder Bra? 

  • Surgery patients: Compression can help people recover from various surgeries. If you’ve had breast surgery, you might wear a binder bra during recovery to keep them from moving. 
  • Cosplayers: Sometimes, a large chest can hinder a costume. For people who enjoy cosplay or wear costumes as part of their job, binder bras offer a way to shape their bodies to a certain costume. 
  • Women on hormone replacement therapy: You might be taking hormone replacements to make menopause easier to handle. But doing so can make your breasts bigger. To align with your previous size, you might wear a binder bra. 
  • Transgender and non-binary people: If you’re transgender or binary, you might want to bind your chest either permanently or occasionally so your body reflects how you feel on the inside. A binder bra offers a safe alternative to tape and other non-traditional binding materials. Consider buying some if you aren’t ready to take a more permanent measure such as surgery. 

Styles of Binder Bra

Tank TopRacerbackStrapless
Common styleSportier optionPairs with most outfits
Easy to pair with clothingEasier to wear with bare shouldersRuns a higher risk of slipping
SeamlessSome offer zip-up stylesEasy to put on and take off

There are many reasons you might want to buy a binding bra.

By knowing how they are supposed to fit, you can pick a comfortable style enough for your needs and minimize your risk of complications.

Everyone deserves to feel confident, and this undergarment can help you feel better about your own body.

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