Bustier Bra

What is a Bustier Bra?

bustier bra pushes the breasts up to make them appear sexier and more prominent. Women with smaller breasts can especially appreciate bustier bras, although women with larger breasts enjoy wearing this type of bra, as well. 

Although every bustier bra is different, many bras in this category typically extend down to the waist, acting like a corset, in addition to offering ample support for the breasts.

Pros and cons of a bustier bra

  • Excellent choice for women who could benefit from back support
  • An ideal choice for larger-breasted women who need a strapless choice
  • Perfect for women with smaller breasts to create cleavage and improve the appearance of fullness
  • A great way to provide waist-shaping for some women
  • Women with shorter waists may find the undergarment extends too long down the body
  • Women with waists larger than the band size may find that the garment fits incorrectly
  • Women with wide-set breasts may not achieve the enhanced cleavage look that they desire

What to expect from the perfect bustier bra

A comfy but secure fit

The perfect bustier bra will fit comfortably without being too tight. You should be able to take a deep breath in and out without feeling discomfort in the band area. It should feel as if the bra expands with you instead of becoming tighter.

Provide the ultimate support without discomfort

Many bustier bras contain underwire material, which often causes digging and pain. However, your perfect bra will provide optimal support without the necessity for an underwire, or it will have added padding for your comfort.

Ample hooks so it remains in place

Your perfect bustier bra should include four or more hooks, especially for larger-busted women. The more hooks a bra has, the better fit you get, so the garment remains in place.

Show just enough cleavage

The ideal bustier bra should gently push your breasts upwards in an attractive manner. The bra should not force the breasts up in an uncomfortable way, as this could mean the bra is too small.

You should feel your sexiest in this type of bra without worrying that your breasts might come out of the bra should you experience a lot of movement.

Bustier bra styles

  • Strapless – Strapless bustier bras are perfect for pairing tank tops, sleeveless dresses, and similar garments.
  • Longline – As long as the waist isn’t larger than the band size, longline bustiers can smooth the waist area and flatten the tummy while simultaneously offering all the benefits that the bustier bra is known to provide
  • Wireless – Wireless bustiers are for women who dislike the discomfort of underwires but who still want the support and enhancements that bustiers provide
  • Bustier top – A bustier top is a sexy pushup top with a built-in bra. These tops can be paired with just about any bottoms since you don’t have to worry about wearing something over them.

Outfits that work best with bustier bras

  • Your big wedding day – If you’re getting married soon, a bustier bra can enhance the fit and appearance of your wedding dress. Even if you’re going to be a bridesmaid or maid of honor, you can still take advantage of the enhancements that a bustier bra can provide
  • Sleeveless dress – If you’ve been looking for the perfect bra to wear with your sexy, sleeveless dress, then look no further! The bustier bra is the best choice to pair with your favorite sleeveless dress. Of course, you’ll need to opt for a sleeveless bustier bra, so you won’t have to worry about wearing a shawl or scarf to cover the bra straps.
  • The outfit of your choice – Bustier bras are so versatile that there is no outfit that these bras wouldn’t go well with. Why not have fun by trying on different outfits with your bustier bra to discover which outfits it goes best with?

Before purchasing bustier bras, you should get fitted by a professional and then request recommendations for styles. 

Depending on the style, you may need to try different sizes, as each can vary. You will soon be on your way to looking and feeling super sexy!

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