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Model and actress Brooke Shields shocked the world in 1980 when she posed in a denim ad with the tagline “Nothing Comes Between Me and My Calvins.” 

But Calvin Klein is beloved for more than just denim. The brand also offers a good selection of quality bras and underwear. 

calvin klein cotton bra
Calvin Klein cotton bra

Types of Calvin Klein Bras

Calvin Klein bras come in many styles and shapes, from a lightly lined plunge bra to a bralette that pairs with casual clothes, including T-shirts. Styles include: 

  • Modern T-Shirt Bra: this bra features memory foam demi-cups and stretchy microfiber to support and shape your breasts under sheer tops. 
  • Lace Pushup Bra: This sexy bra features lace that is sexy but sheer enough not to be visible under every top. Its padded cups give your breasts a boost making it the perfect partner for your sexiest dress. 
  • Modern Cotton Bralettes: The modern cotton bralette collection offers an alternative for those who find underwires to be the stuff of nightmares. This bralette is supported by the signature Calvin Klein band and comes in a wide range of cuts and colors. 
calvin klein women bra
Calvin Klein women bra

Modern Cotton Bralette Styles

RacerbackThis sporty style pairs well with athleisure, racerback tanks, and halternecks.
TriangleFor crewnecks and plunging necklines pick this bra. Its thin straps are easy to conceal.
WiredIf you want an underwire bra, this version of the Modern Cotton is for you.
PaddedIf you want comfort without sacrificing the pushup effect, this Modern Cotton bra is a good option.

Tips for Buying a Calvin Klein Bra

Calvin Klein bras are pretty reputable, but if you don’t have a lot of experience with the brand, here are some considerations you should know. 

  1. Some styles run small: If you’re ordering your bra online, try ordering a size larger than you’re used to in case it runs small. You should try these on in-store, but if you do order them online, check the return policy and keep the tags on. 
  2. Some styles help protect you from side boob: Look for bras with unique features like extra side coverage that keeps you tucked tightly into your bra. 
  3. Move around when trying it on: Calvin Klein bralettes are often worn during workouts. This bra is stretchy and breathable, keeping your girls in place during strenuous activity. However, if you plan on using it as a sports bra, try it on and do some jumping jacks in the fitting room to make sure it is supportive enough. 
calvin klein bra sets
Calvin Klein bra sets

How to Pair Your Calvin Klein Bras

Calvin Klein offers a full selection of bras and panties, most with the signature band. 

If you like a matching set, check out the Modern Cotton collection and pair it with the matching set of panties. 

These aren’t seamless, so you might not want to wear them with skinny jeans and other tight pants. But they are comfortable enough to lounge in every day. 

If your outfit is a little more daring, choose one of the plunging styles or pick a pushup bra. Calvin Klein offers a variety of styles that pair well with many different outfits. 

Bra Care

Make your bras last longer by washing them in cold water with like colors on the delicate cycle. 

Hang them on a drying rack instead of throwing them in the dryer. For best results, invest in a mesh lingerie bag, and put your bras in it before they go in the washing machine. 

This keeps the hooks and straps from snagging or getting tangled on other clothing items. 

When your Calvin Klein bra gets tangled in other clothes during a spin cycle, it can wear out the elastic. 

In Conclusion

Calvin Klein makes quality, durable mid-range bras. At an average of $46, these bras might be a little pricey for some budgets. 

But they are long-lasting and supportive. You can wear them for a long time without worrying about the underwire poking through the bra. 

If you’re ready to switch over from your current brand, give this one a try. 

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