Can I Wear a Regular Bra to the Gym?

Can I Wear a Regular Bra to the Gym?

While you can wear a regular bra to the gym, the consensus is that you really shouldn’t. 

When working out, the best bra to wear is a sports bra, not a regular bra.

The main reason you shouldn’t wear a regular bra when working out is that they are not designed to withstand the impact of you exercising

Aside from being uncomfortable, you could damage your breast tissue if you aren’t careful.

Having the proper fitting support bra when you go to the gym is essential for several reasons:

  • Working out in a regular bra can cause injury to Cooper’s Ligament in the breast. 
  • These ligaments can not heal themselves, and the more they are damaged, the more sagging will be present in the breast.
  • The nerves in the breast can be adversely affected by aggressive movements and activity if the breast isn’t adequately supported.
  • Exercising with a regular bra can cause pain and discomfort in your breasts from them moving around too much.
  • The weight of the breasts can throw off your posture during exercise. A sports bra will adequately support the breasts and keep their weight well distributed.
  • Not wearing a bra that fully supports your breasts could lead to stretch marks and excessive sagging over time. 
  • A regular bra is significantly more likely to allow your breasts to sag during exercise.
  • The lack of support can also cause back and neck pain.

Finally, if you have smaller-sized breasts, don’t think you are exempt from wearing a sports bra. You run the same risk of the issues shared above as a woman with larger breast size.

The bottom line is, there are different bras made and marketed for various purposes for a reason! 

Your lacy date-night bra should not be the bra you work out in; leave that job to a bra with lots of support.

Protect your breasts, and DON’T wear a regular bra to the gym or while exercising!

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