Can you wear a bra while sleeping?

Can you wear a bra while sleeping? 

It is safe to wear a bra while napping or sleeping as long as you can breathe comfortably. 

If the bra is too tight, it may keep your chest from expanding fully when you sleep. 

So, you might not get a good night’s sleep. 

A tight or scratchy bra band will irritate your skin if you wear it too long, but you would experience the same irritation if you wore it too long when awake. 

An underwire bra may poke or pinch as you shift in your sleep.

There are unfounded rumors online that sleeping in a bra can cause cancer. This is not true. See the Breast Cancer Organization for more information. 

Wearing a bra at night (or in the day) does not stop the draining of your lymph nodes. 

Wearing a bra at night does not make your breasts grow faster, change their shape or make them smaller or larger. 

It also doesn’t prevent sagging breasts in the far future. If you have large breasts that get squeezed or twisted when you sleep, sleeping in a bra can keep your breasts from moving around. 

Wearing a bra to bed is a personal preference. If you decide to wear your bra to bed, it’s a good idea to put on a fresh, clean bra. 

This will prevent any sweat that accumulated during the day from irritating your skin. 

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