Cara Mia Bra

The CaraMia bra is touted as a breath of fresh air. Its crisscross lifting straps are designed to provide extra comfort and support without the underwire, and adjustable shoulder straps are made not to dig. 

This bra is available through the CaraMia website and other online and TV retailers. 

cara mia bra reviews
Cara mia bra reviews

About the CaraMia Bra

CaraMia was created with the intention of offering a flattering, comfortable bra to women of all sizes. 

The crisscrossing straps close in the front, adding an extra layer of support along with a band. 

It is a pullover with no hooks in the back. The cooling mesh design makes this bra breathable and supportive. 

Pros and Cons of the CaraMia Bra

A quick internet search of the CaraMia bra will lead you to mixed reviews. 

Some customers love it, while others are not as complimentary. Here are some common customer likes and dislikes.

  • Comfortable
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Supportive
  • Breathable
  • Good lift
  • The soft fabric feels nice on the skin
  • The fabric wears out quickly
  • No different than a sports bra
  • Nipples poke through
  • Too much compression

How to Choose Your Size

The CaraMia bra is not sized by bands and cups. It doesn’t have cups; instead, it relies on the front straps to do the heavy lifting. 

Cara Mia Bra size chart
Cara Mia Bra size chart

Much of the sizing is determined by your band size rather than your cup size. 

  1. Small: The small fits most 32 band sizes with the exception of D and DD. If you are a D, pick a medium, and if you are a DD, buy a large. Small also fits those who wear a 34A.
  2. Medium: Medium fits a 34B and C and a 36 A and B. 
  3. Large: This bra covers a wide range of options; if you’re a 34 D or DD, a 36C-DD, or a 38 A, opt for the large. 
  4. 1X: This size fits anyone with a 38B, a 40-44A, and a 40-42B.
  5. 2X: If your bra size is 38C-CC, 40-42 C, 44B, or 46A, try the 2X.
  6. 3X: The 3X fits anyone whose bra size is 40-42 D-DD, 44C-D, and 46 B and C.
  7. 4X: The 4X is made for people with a 44DDD, a 46D-DDD, and any cup size with a 48 size band. 

Fortunately, CaraMia bras are now available in some stores, including Walmart, so you can try them before you buy to make sure that you have the correct size. 

Drawbacks of the CaraMia 

Like many other “As Seen on TV” products, the CaraMia bra website is a little bit confusing. 

While they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, you have to call the office to get a return authorization rather than simply shipping your bra back. 

  • Customer service is lacking: There is a contact number for customer service on the website, but the automated answering system is tricky to navigate, and CaraMia is slow to respond by email.
  • Limited Options: Currently, the CaraMia bra is limited to one style and three color options. Anyone who likes a brighter, more vibrant bra isn’t going to find the selection appealing. 
  • Limited Styling Options: Although the CaraMia offers a reasonable amount of plunge, it’s not versatile enough to cover every top in your closet. Your straps might show under a boat neck or other wide-necked top. You also can’t wear a halter top or strapless top with this bra. 

Final Thoughts

For people who find traditional bras to be uncomfortable and restrictive, the CaraMia bra offers a good alternative. 

Fortunately, it is available through other channels than just its website. You can also order through Amazon and other third-party sites, and the bra is now available at Walmart. 

If you are more comfortable with the ordering and customer service process with a third-party retailer, order this bra there. 

The CaraMia is comfortable and breathable and offers plenty of support without underwires. 

It is soft and feels nice under clothing. But it is not padded, so if you’re the type who likes nipple coverage, skip this bra or wear an undershirt with your tops. 

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