How to hook your bra

How to hook your bra 

Most bras will have three sections of hooks, and how you hook your bra will determine how comfortably your bra will feel when wear.

Knowing how to hook your bra band the correct way will save you from distress and frustration.

In this simple guide, you’ll learn the fundamentals of how to hook your bra.

The first hook

When wearing a new pair of bra, it should be on the first hook, and if it feels more comfortable on the second hook, the bra band is too big for you.

You should never have to hook a new bra on the second or third hook, and if you have to, the bra is too big for you.

You always want to wear a new bra on the first hook so that over time you can move to the next hook when the bra starts the get loosen.

The second hook

After a few wear and washes over time, your bra will start to age, and then you’ll have to hook it on the second hook.

Wearing your bra on the second hook over time is okay because this will happen after your bra goes through wear and tear.

The third hook

When your bra gets too old and too loose, you will need to hook it on the third hook. 

Then after the third hook, it’s time to throw it out and get yourself a new pair of bra.

It is important to note that you shouldn’t continue to wear your bra if it starts to feel loose on the third hook.

Doing so will cause you a whole lot of body pain and lousy posture within time.

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