How to Keep Bra Straps Up

Let’s face it: bras are one of the most essential and most annoying articles of clothing, especially for those who are more well endowed. 

While bras are supposed to be helpful, intended to minimize movement and pain, they tend to have many issues that do more harm than good.

One of the most common complaints from people who wear traditional bras is that their straps slip off their shoulders. 

When your bra straps slide down, this can cause pain and discomfort, ultimately rendering the bra useless.

Today, we set out to find the most effective ways to keep those pesky straps in place. Here is the comprehensive guide on how to keep bra straps up!

1. Ensure that your bra fits properly

While this may seem like a no-brainer, poorly fitting bras are the most common reason for bra straps slipping down. 

Bra manufacturers are notorious for inconsistent, “vanity sizing” that can make it difficult for you to find your perfect fit. 

It is worth your time to be professionally measured by a tailor or bra fitter to ensure that you are buying a bra that fits correctly. 

Things like loose bands or cups that are too roomy will mean that your straps cannot be pulled tight enough and will eventually slip.

Additionally, when your weight fluctuates, so does your bra size! If you have gained or lost weight, consider purchasing a new bra, because it is likely that your old ones won’t fit like they used to.

2. Try a racerback bra!

Traditional bras, with two straps going up either side of your shoulders, are the main culprits when it comes to bra straps falling. 

Racerback bras are a bit different, as the straps meet in the middle of your back before going around your shoulders, and this extra support makes it much easier to keep your bra straps up. 

This style is seen most often on sports bras, but now bra manufacturers make nearly every type of bra in this style — push-up, lacy, bralette, full-coverage — you name it!

3. Use a bra clip

Bra clips are small, plastic clips that hold bra straps together, effectively transforming a traditional bra into a racerback bra. 

They serve their purpose, ensuring that your bra straps stay up, but bra clips do have some drawbacks. 

Many reviewers say that bra clips add pressure on the straps. This can cause the bra straps and bra clip to dig into your skin and cause pain, so they should be used with some caution.

4. Hold bra straps up and together using elastic bra strap holders

Elastic bra strap holders work a lot like garters. They are an elastic band with two clips on either side, preventing your bra straps from slipping by holding them up and together. 

Unlike bra clips, elastic bra strap holders don’t pull the straps tightly together, instead, just holding them gently in place. 

Because of this, they offer more movement and no excess pressure on your shoulders, preventing unnecessary pain. 

However, some reviewers say that elastic bra strap holders have a bit of a learning curve and can be difficult to take on and off.

5. Good, old-fashioned safety pins

The quickest way to keep your bra straps up is by using a tool you probably already have in your home: a safety pin! 

You can use a larger safety pin as a makeshift bra clip, pinning your straps together. 

You can also use two smaller safety pins to secure your bra straps to the top of your shirt, keeping them from sliding off your shoulders. 

The only drawback to the safety pin method is that safety pins are not always safe, and you should take extra care to ensure that they will not come open and poke you in the back!

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