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Since its invention, women’s lingerie has often been constrictive, with extensive boning, harsh underwires, tight bands, and other features that dig into the skin and cause massive discomfort. 

But lingerie designers have rebelled, and women have more comfortable styles of bras than ever. Knix is one such company dedicated to women’s comfort, eliminating one of the least popular bra features – the underwire. 

What is a Knix Bra? 

Knix is a lingerie company founded with the goal of making bras and underwear that chooses substance over style. 

Its bras are cute and flattering, but most importantly, they are functional. 

Each wireless bra is made to support you while you go about your life. It won’t pinch, bunch, or dig, making you squirm in your seat. 

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Knix Products

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Styles of Knix Bras

Knix offers the following categories of wireless bras. 

Everyday Sports Bras Nursing Bras
PulloverZip frontPullover with removable pads
ContouringWide strapped pulloverLeakproof with removable cups
SeamlessLow support
PlungingHigh neck seamless
High neck
Padded wide strap
Padded thin strap

Benefits of a Knix Bra

Perhaps the most popular benefit of wearing a Knix bra is that it’s comfortable and supportive. Each bra has molded foam cups providing a definition. 

  • No digging: Knix offers a wide range of strap sizes and bodice styles. You can choose the combination that works best for your body and live a life free of digging bras. 
  • No side boob: If your body is built such that it is always spilling out of bras, Knix has you covered. Some of its styles offer extra side coverage to keep the dreaded side boob in check. 
  • Specialty styles: The Knix Infinity bra is made specifically for women with A to B cups. Often, bras designed for these sizes leave gaps at the top of the cup. Knix bras are designed to complement smaller curves, enhancing your natural shape. 
  • Good Return Policy: Many companies selling clothes over the internet don’t give you the luxury of trying before you buy. If you buy something, you can’t return it if it’s washed and the tags are cut. Knix lets you return any bra or tank top within 30 days, even if you’ve worn it. 

Picking the Right Knix Sports Bra

When ordering your Knix sports bra, keep the following impact levels in mind. 

  1. Low support: A low-support bra offers the same support as a traditional bra, or even lower in some cases. Choose this bra if you’re mainly planning on using it for low impact activities like yoga and barre. Smaller breasted women can also wear low support bras on hikes or bike rides, but if you’re more well endowed, it might not be enough. 
  2. Medium impact: Many sports bras fall into this category. It is tighter and slightly more supportive than your average bra. Pick this level for spin class, bike rides, golf, and hiking. 
  3. High support: Women with large busts usually feel more comfortable wearing high support bras during medium to high impact activities. High impact bras are more compressive than other bras, keeping your boobs in place during high intensity workouts like HIIT, dance classes, running, Zumba, and others. If you are very active, look for bras with high support. 

Knix and the Virtual Bra Fitting

The best way to make sure your bra will fit and be comfortable is to get a fitting. 

But a company that operates solely online doesn’t employ women with measuring tapes to come to help you find your size. 

That’s where the virtual bra fitting comes in. Knix employs expert bra fitters who will assist you over video chat. Come prepared with a tape measure, an unpadded bra, and a fitted t-shirt. 

Your fitting expert will walk you through the process, teaching you what to measure and how to convert the numbers into your bra size. 

You can also stay on the line and ask them questions about how different Knix bras will fit you. 

In Closing

Knix bras are perfect for people who find traditional lingerie to be too constrictive. 

If you find your movements limited by your current lingerie, head over to the Knix website and find a new style that better suits your needs. 

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