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What You Need to Know Before Buying a Lace Bra  

While many women opt for comfy, simple bras under everyday clothing, nothing beats lace when it comes to being sexy. 

This delicate material adds something special to every outfit, even if you’re wearing it for yourself. 

You don’t have to save your lace bra for a special occasion. There are plenty of reasons why a lace bra can become your go-to. 

Best Features of a Lace Bra

  • They are breathable: Lace is lighter and more breathable than other typical bra fabrics. During hot summer months, a lace bra can keep you drier than a t-shirt bra. 
  • Lace bras can last longer: With proper care, you can get more life out of your lace bra. Since the fabric isn’t stretchy, it’s not as likely to warp and shift over time. You can usually wear lace bras longer than your others. 
  • They can accentuate outfits: The right lace bralette can act as an accessory and enhance your outfit. If you’re a little too self-conscious in that plunging neckline, adding a lace bralette lets you keep the sex appeal with more coverage.

How to care for your lace bra

The best way to maximize the life of your lace bra is to take proper care of it. 

  1. Hand washes your bra: The best way to care for all your bras is to hand wash them. This is especially true for lace bras. Since parts of the fabric are open, they can easily snag on other items in the washer. 
  2. Use a delicate detergent: Not all laundry detergent is made equally. The harsh chemicals in some laundry soap can deteriorate the lace. Use a soap designed for delicates, or find one specifically for lingerie. 
  3. Hang to dry: When you’ve finished washing your bra, gently roll it in a towel to remove excess water, and hang it to dry. Get a drying rack to accommodate all your delicates. 

Picking Out Your Lace Bra

  • Choose your go-to style: Like others, lace bras come in a variety of shapes and colors. Pick one that has the features you desire, such as lift and support. 
  • Decide if you want a sheer bra: Some lace bras are sheer and don’t feature any padding underneath. If lace makes you itch, or you want some nipple coverage, find one that is lined. 
  • Get measured: Lace tends to be more rigid than other styles. So it’s vital to get the right fit. If you aren’t getting a fitting, try on multiple sizes to find the best fit. 

Considerations for a Lace Bra

  1. Your body type: Picking the right lace bra is easier when you know what styles look good on your body. Knowing how different bras fit based on your shape and bust size will help you pick a lace bra that looks good. 
  2. The outfit: Since lace has a texture, it can be obvious under some outfits. Try your new bras on with different outfits to see how they look. If the fabric is visible under your top, you might consider another bra. 
  3. The occasion: Different occasions call for different bras. Perhaps you want to save your lacy styles for special occasions. If so, choose your special event bra and try it on with different dresses to see how it looks. 

Styles of Lace Bra

PlungeStraplessHalter NeckBralette
Straight StrapsNo strapsStraps go around the neckNo wires
Demi cupsSturdy bandFront closuresThicker straps
UnderwireMade with or without paddingPadded and unpaddedNo clasps or closures
Front closure (some styles)Extra supportExtra supportLess supportive than other styles

Lace bras don’t have to be intimidating. With proper care, you can wear them every day with most outfits.

Not only do they help you stay cooler throughout the day, they can perk up your mood since you know your outfit has a touch of sexiness. Go out and find some lace bras for your wardrobe.

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