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With the growing popularity of athleisure wear, more people are buying sports bras

Whether women are buying them to go pump iron or just to sit around the house, sports bra sales increased by 32 percent during the pandemic. 

A trusted name in sports apparel, Nike offers some of the better sports bras on the market. 

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Grey Nike Sports Bra

About Nike Sports Bras

Nike is not new to the world of sports bras. Although the company didn’t originate this popular product, it has taken the original design and made improvements to make them more comfortable and supportive during any workout. 

These improvements include enhanced breathability and better padding. 

nike alpha sports bra

Standard Styles

Nike makes over 20 styles of sports bras. The following represent some of the best-selling sports bras. 

DriFit AlphaDriFit SwooshFE/NOM Flyknit
High supportMedium supportHigh support
Lightly paddedRemovable 1-piece padMolded cups
Smoothing and shapingSeamless
Nike sports bra types chart

Other Features of Nike Sports Bra

Regardless of your tastes and preferences, Nike probably makes a sports bra you will love. 

These features are just some that make the brand’s bras a popular choice. 

  • Zip fronts: A common complaint of well-endowed women is that sports bras are too hard to take off when you’re sweaty. Zip front bras solve that problem. 
  • Sustainable fabrics: For those who want a more eco-friendly choice, Nike offers the DriFit Indy. This light support bra is snug and lightweight, and it’s made of 50% recycled polyester fabric. 
  • Plus size option: Finding plus-sized fitness gear has often been a struggle. Nike offers a line of plus-size sports bras that offer high support and security without sacrificing style. These plus-size sports bras are cute and functional. 

Support Levels

Sports bras come with different levels of support. You might think that this is determined by your breast size, but it’s actually a reference to your activity level. 

Although women with larger breasts usually like more support even at a lower impact. 

nike Low support sports bra
Nike Low support sports bra

Low impact Sports Bra

This is the minimum level of support offered by a sports bra. It makes the bra stretchier and more flexible, but it isn’t supportive enough for high-impact activities. 

Wear this bra for lounging or low-impact activities like yoga or Pilates. 

nike medium support sports bra
Nike medium support sports bra

Medium impact Sports Bra

At this level, your sports bra is slightly more compressive than the low-impact bra. 

It usually features a wider band and sometimes contains padding to help keep your boobs in place while you’re working out. 

Medium support bras are good for light activities like hiking, biking, and weight lifting. 

Nike high support sports bra
Nike high support sports bra

High impact Sprts Bra

If you have large breasts or if you don’t enjoy bouncing while you’re working out, pick a high-impact bra. 

These sports bras are the most supportive, with compressive material made to hold you in place. 

If you’re running, dancing, or taking a high-impact cardio class, pick one of these bras. 

How to Fit a Sports Bra

Some manufacturers list their sports bra sizes in cups like traditional bras, but others, including Nike, size them as S, M, L, XL, etc. 

Nike sports bra size chart

The size chart below shows Nike sports bra sizing.

Band & Cup SizeAlpha SizeAlpha & Cup Size
30A – 30CXSXS (A-C)
30D – 30EXS
32A – 32BXSXS (A-C)
32CSS (A-C)
32D – 32ESS (D-E)
34A – 34CSS (A-C)
34D – 34EMM (D-E)
36A – 36CMM (A-C)
36D – 36ELL (D-E)
38A – 38CLL (A-C)
38D – 38EXLXL (D-E)
40A – 40CXLXL (A-C)
40D – 40E2XLXL (D-E)
42A – 42C1X
42D – 42E2X
44A – 44C2X
44D – 44E3X
Nike sports bra size chart

You can use the Nike size guide to translate your bra size into your sports bra. 

In general, you should be able to pick the same size as other tops, but the size chart is easy to follow. Just look for your bra size within each sizing range, and choose the Alpha size that matches. 

Some Nike sports bras have cups. In this case, you would combine the S, M, L size with a cup size. 

For example, if you’re a 36D, you would wear a size L, D (large with a D cup). 


Sports bras are appealing because the low support styles are comfortable and can be worn every day. 

The high support styles make exercising more comfortable, particularly for women with larger breasts or breasts with softer tissue. 

Nike has been making sportswear for years, and they take the same approach to designing sports bras as they do with shoes. 

They consider your anatomy and how the bra impacts movement. Pick one of these sports bras for your next gym session. 

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