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To get the right measurement, you need to have the correct tools.

Our flexible tape measures are made to conform to irregular shapes and curved forms without warping or stretching, which means your measurements will remain accurate over time.

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How to Choose the Right Tape Measure for Your Needs

We carry a variety of tape measures to suit your needs.

We recommend one of our slim, soft tape measures for most measuring jobs. 

These tape measures come in fun colors that brighten up your sewing kit and are our most cost-effective option.

They are made from washable, stain-repellent fiberglass material, which means they transport well without getting dulled by dirt and grime. 

But, if you travel frequently or are using the tape measure in a wardrobe department, busy lingerie shop, or another professional environment, you may prefer one of our retractable models. 

These tape measures have the added protection of a hard plastic case and the added convenience of an automatic retraction button, so your tape measure will never get tangled in your kit or purse. 

They travel slightly better and will last you a long time.

Features and Benefits

Get your measurements quickly and easily. Our soft tape measures are cute, convenient, and available in a variety of colors, making them an ideal addition to your sewing kit or wardrobe department.

Multi-purpose Tool

One side has Imperial measurements (inches), and the other side has Metric Standard measurements (centimeters). 

The flexible tape conforms to irregular shapes and surfaces. 

Compact and Convenient

Our retractable tape measures are encased in a smooth, hard plastic that is only a half-inch thick—perfect for slipping into your pocket, purse, or sewing bag for on-the-go measurements. 

Our uncased soft tape measures are 60-inches long and fold or roll up for easy storage. 

Sleek, Slim Design

The thinner width of our tape measures helps them flex and conform to the human body, ensuring a true reading and a snug fit.

Brightly Colored

Never lose your tape measure again. Our soft tape measures feature vibrant colors that make them easy to find in a sewing kit or crafting box.

Easy to Read

All of our dual-sided tape measures feature large, clear markings in deep ink, so they’re easy to read—even upside-down! 

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