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When you’re a fan of comfort and support, yet you also care about how your lingerie is made, it can be tough to find a brand that works. 

Fortunately, you have a choice with Skin lingerie. Skin products offer a blend of comfort and luxury. 

The bras are made sustainably of organic cotton and other eco-friendly, natural products that provide breathable support. 

How is Skin Bras Different? 

Skin bras are designed to accentuate your body without sacrificing comfort. They are soft and luxurious, reminiscent of your favorite cotton t-shirt

None of the bras in this collection have wires; instead of relying on stretchy bands to provide support. 

Some styles are ultra-lightweight, making them perfect for light sweaters and other tops in which you don’t want added bulk. 

Most of the company’s bralettes offer a more natural silhouette than a traditional bra, although the Gita does have seams that are visible under sheer fabrics. 

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Pros and Cons of Skin Bras

  • Soft and comfortable fabrics
  • Shapely and flattering
  • Many of the bras are sustainably made with organic cotton
  • Not a wide variety of styles
  • Not as supportive for women with large breasts
  • No strapless or push up styles
  • Limited sizing and absence of plus-sized options

How to Buy Your Skin Bra

You can shop for these bras at high-end retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. Or you can order products online. When shopping online for your bra: 

  1. Choose your favorite style: Since Skin is a relatively new brand, its styles are limited. Popular models include the Giga bralette, which is more supportive than a traditional bra. You can also pick up a bralette or tank. 
  2. Know your size: Skin bras run true to size, so if you’ve been measured recently or you already know that your current bra fits correctly, choose that one. 
  3. Know how you’re planning to wear it: If you want an everyday bra, choose one of the bralettes like the Gita. If you’re using your bra for yoga or to potentially pair with other clothes, check out the Ora bralette and other sportier styles. 
  4. Don’t cut the tags: Skin only accepts returns within 30 days if the garment is unwashed and contains original tags. Try it on before clipping the tag. 

Why You Should Consider a Cotton Bra

Cotton is a natural fabric, and it is porous and breathable. 

When you sweat under lycra and other synthetic fabrics, moisture stays on your skin, making you feel uncomfortable. 

  • Cotton breathes and allows sweat to evaporate, keeping you comfortable on hot days. 
  • Organic cotton uses fewer resources to produce and isn’t grown with pesticides. 
  • Cotton is gentler on sensitive skin. You will probably experience less chafing and rashes than you do with other bras. 
  • Cotton is soft and comfy, letting you move all day without feeling constricted within your clothing. 

Finding Your New Favorite Set

Along with bras, Skin also offers underwear, pajamas, and other loungewear, even sleep masks for those who like to accessorize when sleeping. 

While you’re online looking for a bra, check out the selection of other items. 

You could find a new pair of undies to round out your go-to set. Or choose a silk chemise to wear to bed. Skin silk is machine washable, making it much easier to clean without sacrificing the velvety finish. 

Or you could opt for a bodysuit to wear when you want a seamless look from head to toe. Skin bodysuits mold to your curves, making them less visible than other bodysuits. 

Skin is a popular emerging brand in the sustainable fashion scene. Its styles are made to be timeless rather than trendy. 

But there are not very many styles and colors from which to choose, so if you’re a fan of fun lingerie, you might want to skip this brand. 

The sizes are limited to a standard range, and there are no current plus-sized options. 

Still, if you’re looking for comfort, ease of maintenance, and wearability, check out the store locator and try on a few styles. 

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