Strapless Bra

What is a strapless bra?

A strapless bra is made without shoulder straps. It is made to be worn with strapless dresses and tops, tops with thin straps, and other garments with non-traditional necklines.

Many women choose to pair strapless bras with outfits that unsightly straps would ruin.

Pros and Cons of a Strapless Bra

  • They work with most outfits
  • They are versatile
  • They’re supportive for most cup sizes
  • They can slip and fall down, especially if well worn
  • They don’t work well for women with a G cup or larger
  • They don’t work as well on women with softer breast tissue.

Features of a Good Strapless Bra

Not all strapless bras offer the same level of comfort and support. Look for these features while shopping for this undergarment. 

  1. No-slip grip: An excellent strapless bra will have a no-slip grip on its inner lining. Since there are no straps to hold the garment up throughout the day, this grip helps the bra stay in place. 
  2. Snug fit: Your bra should fit snugly on your rib cage. Depending on your desired level of support, you might want to go a size up or down. Try on multiple sizes to find your best fit. 
  3. Comfortable boning: The best strapless bras feature underwire and boning, which lift and support the breasts. But this feature can make your bra uncomfortable. Make sure the boning is covered and padded. 
  4. Multiple hooks: Strapless bras often have more hooks than their strapped counterparts, especially on larger sizes. These help your bra stay in place as long as you need it. 

Different Strapless Bra Styles

There is more than one type of strapless bra. Choose a suitable model based on your preference and the occasion. 

  • Padded: This style offers a light or heavy padding that is traditionally used to smooth out your silhouette. 
  • Push-up: Strapless push-up bras feature heavy padding toward the bottom of the cup to push the breasts up. If you’re wearing a dress that calls for amplified cleavage, choose this style. 
  • Bandeau: A bandeau bra is a wireless, strapless style made of stretchy fabric. Bandeaus tend to slip more frequently than wired styles, but new ones are made with bands on the top and bottom that relieve this problem. 
  • Longline: The longline strapless bra more closely resembles a bustier or a corset. This style is heavily boned, and it is very supportive. Longline strapless bras are often worn under wedding dresses and other formal outfits. 

How to pair a strapless bra

Strapless bras can be worn with most outfits, but most women don’t wear them all the time. 

Here are some common outfits for which you might opt for a strapless bra.

  • Strapless dress: Strapless dresses are the most common instance of wearing a strapless bra. Whether you’re a bridesmaid, a bride, or are attending a formal event, keep your bra on hand. 
  • One shoulder dress or top: Cold shoulders are back. A strapless bra helps you achieve the look without adding a strap into the mix when bearing one shoulder. 
  • Spaghetti straps: Dresses and tops with spaghetti straps benefit from strapless bras. Typical bra straps are often too wide for these tops unless you wear a jacket; partner your spaghetti straps with a strapless bra. 

How to choose your strapless bra

Follow these steps to find your perfect strapless bra.

  1. Evaluate your outfit: Before picking your bra, check out your outfit. This will help you choose the proper cut and color. If you’re wearing a dress with a lower back, you’ll want a bra you can hide. Sheer fabrics don’t pair well with bold colors. 
  2. Get measured: if you haven’t been fitted for a while, have someone measure you. You want the correct band size to guard against slipping. 
  3. Try on multiple sizes: You won’t know how a bra will fit without trying it on. Start with your average size and go up and down a cup size to find your best fit. 

 Now you’re ready to go out and find your new favorite bra. Take these tips to the store and start trying them on. 

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