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Your Guide to Wacoal Bras 

Today’s women have seemingly infinite choices in terms of lingerie. 

While we were once restricted to uncomfortable, unsupportive styles that left our breasts looking pointy and misshapen, we now have the luxury of multiple shapes, sizes, and styles to help us look our best. 

Wacoal is a lingerie company committed to helping women look and feel their best. 

Who is Wacoal?

 Wacoal was founded with the goal of delivering bras and panties that offer the best fit. 

Its bras a comfortable and long-lasting, and the company is dedicated to creating sustainably made garments. 

It also offers nursing bras and other specialty styles, so you can stick with a brand you trust. 

Different Wacoal Bra Styles

Wacoal offers a wide range of styles for women of all shapes and sizes. 

Rather than hopping on trends, Wacoal offers styles that are timeless and will become staples of your wardrobe. 

There are full coverage styles for women who prefer it, along with balconettes and demi cups for sexier styles. 

  • Underwire: The company’s underwire styles come in lace and seamless. You can choose full coverage cups or opt for a demicup. 
  • T-Shirt Bra: This wire-free style is soft, comfy, and supportive. Opt for a sand color under your light t-shirts, or pick a bold, vibrant color if you want to lift your mood. 
  • Strapless: Wacoal offers a range of strapless styles, from a bustier to a backless model. These styles are supportive and seamless to accentuate your strapless dresses. 
  • Sport: If you like full support during a high-impact workout, check out Wacoal’s sports bras. There are different coverage and support levels from which to choose, from a bralette to a full coverage underwire. 

How to Order a Wacoal Bra

Wacoal makes it easy to order your new favorite bra directly online. 

  1. Find your fit: Wacoal offers a guide with which you can measure yourself with several articles that provide tips for choosing your best size. The website also has a digital sizer. 
  2. Choose your style: If you don’t know what style you want, Wacoal has a quiz you can use to find the best bra for you. Input options for coverage levels, fabric, and other preferences. 
  3. Order the bra: When you’ve chosen your desired bra or bras, order and try them on. 

If you want to buy a Wacoal bra in person, the website offers a store locator. You can find their bras in many department stores. 

Head over to the one nearest you and talk to a bra fit expert for suggestions on styles that will make your clothes fit better. 

How Wacoal Stands Out 

CharityWacoal is dedicated to philanthropy. For example, the company offers a $2 donation to Susan G.

Komen foundation for everyone who comes in for a complimentary bra fitting and buys a bra on select days.
SustainabilityWacoal uses durable fabrics so its bras don’t have to be replaced as often and have committed to responsible and ethical supply chain practices.

The company joined the Sustainable Apparel Coalition in 2021.
OptionsEach bra comes in a variety of styles so women of all shapes and sizes can find their own perfect fit.
ExpertiseWacoal has been employing fit experts for 30 years. These experts can help you find your best fit, making sure you’re wearing the right bra.

The fitting experts consider your body shape and size to find styles that work for your body. Along with your band size and chest size, they also look at your shoulders and overall build.

Adding a Wacoal Bra to Your Closet

You probably have a tried and true list of lingerie brands in your closet because they’ve always worked for you. 

But it’s worth branching out to find new styles. Wacoal makes high-quality bras that fit well and last for a long time. 

Its fit experts will help you find a bra that accentuates your natural shape or improves areas about which you may be self-conscious. 

Wacoal also offers shapewear and other lingerie, so you can find full sets that help you feel confident and sexy. 

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