What happens if you wear the wrong size bra?

What happens if you wear the wrong size bra? 

In a 2008 study, it was found that 80% of women wore the wrong sized bras. 

Although wearing the wrong size bra may seem like it would only cause temporary discomfort, numerous dangerous consequences wearing misfitting bras can cause.

If you’re struggling with this problem, here are some reasons that you should consider investing in properly fitted bras.

What Problems Can Ill-Fitting Bras Cause?

Wearing the wrong size bra can cause a host of surprising problems, some of which can be quite significant. 

Optimally, you should be remeasured every six months or once a year to ensure that your bra size hasn’t changed. 

Weight gain, hormones, and puberty can all cause breast size to fluctuate, which can lead to your previous size needing to be adjusted.

Some of the most common problems that wearing the wrong bra size can cause include:

  • Breast Pain
  • Back Pain 
  • Neck and Shoulder Pain 
  • Back Posture
  • Skin Problems 
  • Sagging

Breast Pain

Wearing a bra size that is too small can cause breast pain due to the tightness of the ill-fitting bra. 

This tightness can cause pain in the breasts, and even block the lymph nodes in your chest if the pressure continues for too long.

Back Pain 

Back pain can be caused by bras that are too small putting pressure on your rib cage, and it can also be caused by bras that don’t have the proper support for larger breast sizes. 

This can be fixed by increasing the bra size and investing in one with a band that can properly support the weight of your bust.

Neck and Shoulder Pain 

Straps that don’t fit correctly can cause chafing along your shoulders, and this is usually experienced if the bra you are wearing is too small. 

However, women with larger breasts can also experience neck and chest pain if their bra band isn’t adequately supportive. 

This can cause the weight of your breasts to be placed on your shoulders, neck, and back. That can cause problems in all three of these areas.

Back Posture

Bad posture can also be triggered by the pain mentioned above, which can cause you to hunch your shoulders to try and relieve the pain. 

However, while it may feel slightly better in the short term, this bad posture will only hurt your back, neck, and shoulder more overall.

Skin Problems 

Tight bras can cause skin irritation, such as chafing, which can result in calluses or blisters forming as the material rubs uncomfortably against your skin. 

If not fixed, this can even lead to infections as bacteria get into these sensitive areas.


Sagging can be caused by bras that don’t offer the correct support, and this is especially true if you are wearing a bra that is too large. 

This means that your breasts aren’t being lifted as they should, which causes the tissue to stretch out and sag prematurely. 

This sagging can also make your breasts heavier over time, meaning that you will need to adjust your support level to compensate.

These are only six problems that wearing the wrong bra size can cause, and as you can see, these aren’t issues that you should brush off. 

So, if you’re currently wearing a bra that isn’t supportive, gaps at the top, or causes your breasts to spill out, you should consider upsizing or downsizing so that you lower your risk of having any of these nasty problems happen to you.

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