What is a Bra Calculator?

What is a Bra Calculator? 

Anyone who has stepped foot in a lingerie store might have felt a little awkward when asked for their bra size. They might have felt even more awkward if they didn’t know it!

Luckily, most retail stores have staff on hand to help estimate the size of a bra using a bra calculator

A bra calculator helps women estimate the size of their breasts to help them choose a bra that fits.

Do I need a Bra Calculator?

Most women think they have the right bra size. But did you know that nearly 80 percent of women wear the wrong bra size?

This could be due to not wanting to admit women have gone up a size, buying bras with different designs, or simply guessing instead of using a bra calculator.

In addition, different countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom use different bra sizes, which might confuse foreigners.

How to take your Measurements

To use a bra calculator, you’ll need to take measurements of your bust using a tape measure. 

It’s best to take these measurements when wearing a good-fitting bra, as thick clothing might make the wrong sizes.

It’s also important to not squeeze your bust and leave about 1 to 2 fingers of space between the tape measure and your skin while measuring for a bra calculator.


Start by measuring your bust size around your back and the fullest part of your breasts (the nipple line). 

Next, measure your band size, which is the part of your ribs right under your breasts.

When taking these measurements, stand up straight with arms to the side. For final sizes, round up to the nearest 1/4 inch or 1/2 cm. 

The most crucial part of getting the right bra size using a bra calculator is using the proper posture and measurements that leave room for comfort.

How to measure bra size

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