What is a Bralette?

Bras were first invented in 1914 and have come a long way since then. 

That being said, bras are now a more significant part of fashion than anyone ever expected. 

Bras and bralettes can easily be fashion-forward pieces of clothing that can help spice up an outfit or become a centerpiece. 

What is a Bralette Bra?

The bralette is a bra that does not have any underwire for support; it is generally unlined and unpadded and is simply a bra that lacks the structure and support that we think of when we imagine a typical or traditional bra.

While this does not mean that it cannot function as a bra, it simply means that those seeking more structure or who might want lift or support are not likely to get it from a bralette. 

They can be made with lace, they can be see-through, can be simple cotton, can be anything really, but they are not going to be considered atypical or a traditional bra in most respects.

They are fun; they can be stand-alone pieces in your wardrobe or layered for a fun and energetic look. 

Bralettes are great because they are so versatile, and they are just fun. 

They can be worn outside or worn around the house as a comfortable alternative to a traditional bra.

What is the Difference Between a Bra and a Bralette?

The main difference is the actual construction and structure of the bralette versus what you might imagine when you hear the word bra. 

A bra typically has either or a band around the bottom that helps hold the breasts in place. It helps to provide structure to the overall silhouette. 

They will also have wide straps that can be adjusted to add more or less support overall. 

A traditional bra may also be double-lined to make sure that the cups themselves have structure. 

A bralette, on the other hand, is much more laid back and relaxed. 

They typically feature triangle-shaped cups with little or no lining, they do not have any underwire, and they are often made of much softer, more flexible material. 

They may also be the pull-on type that does not have a fastener at the back like a traditional bra, and they may have straps that do not adjust overly much. 

These resemble a bikini top in some ways in that they are not going to give a ton of support or lift, but they are going to be cute and comfortable.

How to Wear a Bralette

Bralettes are great because they are versatile, and they can be styled in a ton of different ways. 

You can pair them with a big blazer for a feminine and flirty style that still has structure and a strong profile.

This is a great way to wear a bralette if you do not want to wear it as a stand-alone top or if you are not comfortable showing that much skin. 

If you want a more casual look, you can pair a bralette with your favorite pair of jeans and a loose button-up top that is either all the way open or just a little open at the top. This is a comfortable, relaxed, and easy way to dress up your bralette. 

You can pair it with a simple black bralette and white top, or you can be a bit bolder and choose pieces that are fun colors or even prints. 

Another great way to wear an elegant bralette and fun is with a floor-length skirt. Pairing a bralette with a floor-length skirt is such an easy way to wear one. 

The floor-length skirt will give you the coverage that you want, it is going to be whimsical and easy, and the bralette makes it a bit sexier and fun. 

This is an excellent option in the summer or the hotter months when you want to be elegant, but you may not want a full-on gown. 

Pairing a bralette with a pair of matching pants is another great option that is fun and easy, and that can look great together. 

Many companies sell bralettes and matching pants or loungers that give a very laid-back and comfortable feel and are easy to wear. 

Bralettes are fun, they are a new take on the traditional bra that we have all seen and likely worn, and they can be a great addition to any wardrobe. 

The bralette is an essential part of any collection and can be a great staple piece that you can build a ton of different outfits around and have a ton of fun styling. 

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