What is a Bullet Bra?

A bullet bra is one of the most characteristic types of bras out there. 

While you have likely seen a bullet bra, they’re not that commonly worn in today’s society. 

They were most popular in the 1940s and 1950’s when they were seen first as a suggestive silhouette. 

Over the years, they became more popular, eventually trickling into Hollywood and then into mainstream fashion. 

A bullet bra creates a very distinct pointed shape for the bust. This is achieved by using a specific stitch known as a spiral stitch that further emphasizes the bra’s shape. 

Bullet bras typically have underwire built into them as well. 

The shape of a bullet bra is what makes it so distinctive. The shape is retained and can be recognized under most tops, creating a specific look unique to this type of bra. 

Some bullet bras have a more pointed shape than others. 

Is a Bullet Bra Comfortable? 

With the distinct shape, many people question if a bullet bra is comfortable. 

It may seem like the shape of a bullet bra would not be comfortable for women to wear for long periods. 

But, that is not the case. Bullet bras are just as comfortable as other types of bras. 

The cup sits straight against your bust and provides support to ensure comfort for the wearer. 

Where can I buy a Bullet Bra?

All retailers do not sell bullet Bras as they’re not the most popular silhouette. 

But, you can still find them in some stores. Some retailers and department stores carry a small selection of this silhouette. 

Vintage stores often have bullet bras from prior decades, or you can also find them on online resale websites.

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