What is a Contour Bra?

What is a Contour Bra? 

While it has grown in popularity in recent years, the contour bra has been around for a while. 

In essence, a contour bra is a padded cup bra that is built to retain its shape both on the body and on a hanger (or in a drawer). 

The goal of a contour bra is to hold its shape and have your body form to it, rather than other types of bras that are built to form to your body.

Pros of a Contour Bra

Contour bras are full coverage with lots of support. They usually have underwire in them, and the cup is molded to a specific shape. 

The extra support is often one of the main reasons that people choose to use contour bras. 

Their fuller coverage also helps avoid bra spillage, where the breast tissue spills over the edge of a bra and can often be seen under a shirt. 

Another benefit is that it creates a smooth and balanced shape. Often natural breast shapes are not symmetrical. 

A contour bra will create a uniform, smooth shape. Aside from the breast shape, contour bras also smooth other areas like underarms and across your back. 

Drawbacks of a Contour Bra

To retain their shape, contour bras often have additional padding to add structure to the bra. 

People with larger cup sizes often hesitate to wear contour bras because they want to avoid the extra volume of padding. 

While the goal of the padding in a contour bra is not to create volume (like a push-up bra might), it can be a factor in many people’s decision on whether or not to use a contour bra. 

Additionally, the extra padding can be a drawback in warm weather. 

With all of the additional structure to a contour bra, it does not have the best airflow in hot temperatures. 

If boob sweat is a consideration for you, a contour bra might not be the best option. 

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