What is a demi bra?

For some women, full coverage is a necessary feature in any bra. 

Full cups are more supportive and comfortable, particularly under bulky sweaters and other heavy clothing. 

But some outfits call for bras that are a little skimpier, which is where the demi bra comes in. 

What is a Demi Bra? 

The term “demi” refers to the amount of coverage provided by each cup. 

A demi bra features cups that don’t cover the whole breast. 

Instead, they stop halfway or even halfway up. Demi bras are more versatile than full coverage because you can wear them with a bigger variety of necklines. 

Types of Demi Bra

Many different styles of bras come with the demi coverage option, including: 

  • Push Up Bra: A demi push up is lightly padded and pushes lifts your breasts, particularly on people with wide set breasts. It is designed to push your breasts up to amplify your outfit’s sex appeal. Since the cups don’t extend all the way up, you can wear this style under lower cut tops and dresses. 
  • Balconette: A balconette bra offers the same level of coverage across the bra. This style comes in full coverage and demi cups. 
  • Wireless: Even your favorite wireless styles come with demi cups. They can either plunge slightly or stay consistent along the bust line. 

Pros and Cons of a Demi Bra

  • Can be worn with lower necklines
  • Are less likely to gap on people with wider-set breasts
  • Shorter underwires don’t dig into the skin
  • Not as supportive as a full coverage bra
  • If your shoulder slope, the straps can fall because of how they are spaced.

Tips for Buying a Demi Bra

Depending on the brand, there is a chance your demi bra might not fit the same way as your other bras. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind when buying a demi bra. 

  1. Try on multiple sizes: You might need to wear a larger bra size to get the same level of support, particularly if you have larger breasts. Take a few different sizes with you into the fitting room to see how they fit.
  2. Don’t wear a high cut top when shopping: Since demi cups hit the middle of your breast, they can look odd under high neck tops. Sometimes the line at the top of your cup are visible under higher necked styles. Try your bra on with a lower necked top so you can see what it will look like in the real world. 
  3. Make sure the cups lay flat: If you’ve chosen the proper sized bra, the cup will lie flat on your chest. If you are spilling out over the top of the cup, or if you have gaps in the top of the cup, try a different size.

Why You Should Consider a Demi Bra

A demi bra is a perfect addition to your closet. This style pairs v-neck tops, scoop necks, and other plunging styles. 

It is more supportive than a strapless while still adding a bit of sexiness to any outfit. 

If you want to enhance your cleavage under your favorite dress, a demi bra will take what you have naturally and emphasize it. 

Available in multiple shapes and colors, this bra style will likely become one of your go-to’s. 

Your lingerie wardrobe should be as varied as your closet. 

Learning how different bra styles shape and support your body will help you find the right one for each outfit.

Now that you’re familiar with the demi bra and how it can improve your outfits, go out and shop for a few demi bras to add to your closet. 

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