What is a Full-Figure Bra?

What is a Full-Figure Bra?

Full figure bras are a popular choice for those with larger cup sizes. A full-figure bra is designed to cover the breast completely and is one of the highest coverage bras available. 

Full figure bras are designed first and foremost for comfort for those with larger breasts. 

The straps are often designed with no-slip features for extra security and support to ensure maximum comfort. 

Often the straps are designed wider than other bra types, which prevents straps from digging into the wearer’s shoulder. 

Pros of a Full-Figure Bra

The primary advantage of choosing a full-figure bra is the comfort level. Often people with larger cup sizes find it challenging to get the support needed in regular bras.

Full figure bras are designed specifically for those with larger busts.

Aside from the comfort features built into the straps, a full figure bra is constructed to evenly distribute the breasts’ weight across the shoulders. 

The weight balance helps reduce back pain and stress on the shoulders that people with larger chests often encounter. 

Additionally, the full coverage that a full figure bra provides prevents spillage. 

Spillage is where the breast tissue over-fills the bra cup and creates a line often seen through shirts. 

Cons of a Full-Figure Bra

If you have a larger bust size, there are not many drawbacks to choosing a full figure bra. 

The main potential drawback could be the coverage. While this reduces spillage and provides support, the higher coverage could mean that the top of the bra shows on different lower-cut shirts. 

If this is a concern for you, another type of bra might work better. 

A second concern is that the high coverage of a full-figure bra means that you might find this bra more confining in warmer weather. 

If you’re looking for a very breathable bra and will reduce boob sweat, another type of bra might be a better fit. 

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