What Is A Harness Bra?

What Is A Harness Bra & What It Can Do For You?

If you’ve ever worn a harness bra, it’s hard to forget the effect the piece can have. 

A harness bra is a completely strapped bra that sits under your breasts for support. 

Usually made of leather, a harness bra has a sleek look that’s cool to the touch. 

Many harness bras are cupless, which makes them a great way to spice up any lingerie set!

Why You Should Try A Harness Bra

It’s hard to go wrong with a harness bra. The distinct style and smooth leather come together to form a look that screams “sexy”! 

As a bonus, harness bras come in many unique styles and designs. 

Some bras will have seven or eight crisscrossing straps while others will only have two or three. 

With so much variety, you can be sure to find a piece that matches your style and look!

Do All Sizes Work?

In general, harness bras come to fit all shapes and sizes of breasts. 

Nonetheless, there will be more options available for mid-to-large cup sizes. 

Online stores are a great place to find a large variety of pieces that retail stores might not carry. 

If you do shop online, be sure to check that the site has free returns! If you’re unfamiliar with harness bras, it can take a couple of tries to find the perfect fit. 

Try ordering a slightly larger cup size to avoid constricting your breasts too much.

Are Harness Bras Difficult to Adjust?

As with all clothing, some varieties of harness bras are more complicated than others. 

Some harness bras come with just a simple shoulder strap while others will also include a mid-chest and a side strap for a more perfect fit. 

Even with the three-strap options, harness bras are usually easy to adjust. 

However, you will want to stay away from lower-quality bras, as poorly made straps can cause some headaches.

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