What is a Racerback Bra?

What is a Racerback Bra?

The term “racerback” refers to the style of the back portion of a bra. 

Racerback bra has straps that can crisscross in the back or join in the center of the back of the bra instead of the outer edges. 

Many designers refer to the back as a Y shape or V shape because of the shape the straps form where they join.

Aside from the structure of the back of the bra, a racerback bra can look like any other bra. 

You’ll find racerback bras both with and without underwire. 

They could be unlined or lightly lined. Racerback bras can be full coverage or even have padding intended to push the breast up. 

Pros of Racerback Bras

People choose to wear racerback bras because it can be easier to hide the bra straps underneath tops. 

If you regularly wear tank tops, a racerback bra could be a good choice for you. The way the straps crisscross makes it easy to wear without showing your bra straps under many types of tops. 

Another reason people tend to choose racerback bras is that they find them more comfortable. The straps on a racerback bra are less likely to slip off the wearer’s shoulders than a regular bra. 

Racerback bras also provide extra support than a regular bra, making them a popular choice for many with larger cup sizes. 

The extra support also reduces the stress on the upper back, shoulders, and neck, which can even help improve your posture. 

Cons of Racerback Bras

There aren’t many cons to wearing a racerback bra. As we’ve mentioned, racerback bras can be ideal for hiding bra straps on certain types of shirts like tank tops.

Still, if you’re wearing a top that shows a lot of your collarbone, a regular type of bra might be easier to hide the straps. 

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