What is a Soft Cup Bra?

What is a Soft Cup Bra?

In simplest terms, a soft cup bra is a bra without any underwire. Instead, additional support is built into other parts of the bra that give the support needed. 

You can find them in a variety of styles in addition to a traditional bra, including sports bras, longline bras, and more. 

Soft cup bras are typically made of thinner, more flexible material. 

These features balance providing a smooth look underneath your shirt with a more comfortable fit than a traditional underwire bra. 

Why Choose a Soft Cup Bra?

Soft cup bras are popular for many people. Many people prefer them purely for comfort reasons. 

The elimination of the underwire makes the bra more flexible and able to mold to each person’s breast shape. 

Soft cup bras are generally noted as more comfortable and able to form to each person better than a traditional underwire bra. 

Additionally, those with allergies may favor a bra without an underwire. 

Often the underwire in a bra can contain nickel or another metal that some are allergic to. 

Soft cup bras do not have this issue. The fact that they’ve removed the underwire eliminates the potential for an allergic reaction.

Those who are nursing or pregnant also may prefer soft cup bras. 

The flexibility of the material makes it more comfortable and easier to use when nursing than a traditional underwire bra. 

You can also purchase specific soft cup bras designed with nursing in mind for additional features such as hooks specifically designed for breastfeeding.

What are the Drawbacks? 

On the other hand, while many enjoy the comfort and flexibility of a soft cup bra, it may not be the best fit for everyone. 

Some people with larger chests have noted that they enjoy the support that an underwire bra provides. 

While you can get soft cup bras with additional support added to help alleviate this problem. If you have a larger chest you may prefer to go with a traditional underwire bra. 

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