What is a Sports Bra?

What is a Sports Bra?

Though you’ve likely heard of a sports bra before, the exact benefits and construction of it might be new to you. 

Let’s briefly look at what a sports bra is and some of the benefits and drawbacks of sports bras. 

Sports bras are designed to support the wearer’s breasts during physical activity. 

They come in varying styles within this category. One of the most common differentiators between different sports bras is the level of the impact it’s designed for. 

A sports bra that is low impact, for example, might be intended for activities like yoga or meditation. 

A high-impact sports bra might be intended for an activity like running. 

Pros of Wearing a Sports Bra

The main perk of wearing a sports bra is giving you the support needed during physical activity. 

The goal of a sports bra is to minimize discomfort for the wearer while exercising. It does this by reducing breast movement and therefore decreasing pain. 

Aside from preparing you for physical activity, a sports bra has several other benefits as well. 

First, sports bras are typically made of moisture-wicking material. This makes it an ideal choice if you’re going to be in a hot weather environment. 

Additionally, many find sports bras more comfortable than regular bras. 

In recent years it’s become a fashion trend to wear sports bras either with a coordinating top or as a crop top by itself. 

Compared to other bras, the modest cut of a sports bra makes it a potential substitution for a regular top. 

Drawbacks of Sports Bras

If you’re engaging in physical activity, a sports bra is likely the best choice. 

However, in everyday wear, there are reasons you might potentially avoid a sports bra. 

High impact sports bras can be more confining than regular bras.

If you’re not engaging in exercise, you likely don’t need all the support of a high-impact sports bra. 

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