Why are bras so expensive?

Ask a woman how she feels about buying bras, and you will get an array of complaints. 

Many women despise the experience of standing in a mirror beneath the unflattering light of the dressing room, trying to find a bra that fits just right. 

Not only is finding the right fit for a bra seemingly impossible, but bras are downright expensive

Unfortunately, bras won’t be getting cheaper anytime soon because they are expensive for a good reason. 

Here are three significant reasons bras are so costly.

Bras are made of a variety of expensive materials

If you pick up a bra and analyze its design, you will notice that the bra has several different kinds of materials. 

Many of these materials are on the pricier side. Unlike a t-shirt or pair of underwear, bras are constructed with more than just cotton or polyester. 

There’s elastic for the straps, metal for the underwire and hardware, foam for the cups, and not to mention the kinds of materials that make bras nice to look at, including satin, lace, and silk.

Additionally, sewing these delicate, expensive materials requires a skilled hand.

Bras are difficult to construct

If you were asked to sit down at a sewing machine and build a bra, you would more likely be stumped. 

Making bras is specialized work, requiring the skill and knowledge of sewing a wide variety of materials and a precise fit. 

Many of our basic clothing items require simple stitches and can be constructed by a professional rather quickly. 

Bras require different stitches for each section, and if constructed without knowledge and care, they will look downright terrible when worn.

Hardware such as adjusters and clasps ensures that a single bra size can fit a wider variety of bodies. 

These constructions also drive up the price of production because they require more finesse to assemble.

Fitting and sizing a bra is complicated

Any woman who has shopped for bras will tell you that she’s never quite confident in her sizing, and that’s because sizing a bra is complicated! 

While the sizing of shirts or pants depends on the wearer’s style, the sizing of a bra is not as simple. 

An ill-fitting bra can be the cause of wardrobe malfunctions, discomfort, and even back problems.

Especially for women with larger bra cup sizes are require a fair amount of engineering and design. To make the bra supportive, comfortable, and long-lasting. 

Therefore, more time and effort is put into the patterning and sizing of bras, which will increase their cost.

Quality costs more

High-quality materials, specialized skills, and professional fitting come at a higher price tag. 

As with any clothing item, you can find more affordable options at big-box stores, but at what cost in the long run? 

To produce cheaper bras, the costs are more likely to be cut along the way to accommodate the typical expense for producing this complicated clothing item. 

That could mean your bra was produced in a country where labor is much cheaper, or made in a style that’s less effective but easier to construct. 

Your bra could also be made of lesser materials which over time will lose their effectiveness. 

For example, the low-quality elastic will lose its strength and shape with wear, and then you’re left with a bra that is not getting the job done. 

Some cheaper bars may be made with low-quality lace, which may feel scratchy or irritating to the skin, or overtime will not hold its shape. 

A cheap bra may seem like a good choice at the moment, but if you’re looking for a clothing item that lasts, you must spend more. 

A high-quality bra can be a good investment, especially if you find a size and fit that feels great on your bust.

Location and Brand cost

Where you buy your bra has a lot to do with how much that bra will cost, especially in the case of a boutique.

Typically, a lingerie boutique provides more specialized customer service and fitting, which is an additional labor cost put forth by the store. 

Boutiques also generally sell bras made of higher-quality materials and craftsmanship, so you can buy with confidence knowing your bra will last a long time.

More than virtually any other clothing item, there is a lot to consider when purchasing a bra. 

Finding a bra that meets your needs in your price range can be difficult, but choosing quality can be a major investment. 

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