Wide Strap Bra

What is a Wide Strap Bra?

Like its name suggests, a wide strap bra is a bra style that uses wider straps than a standard bra. 

This style helps to distribute weight over a larger area and is used to add comfort and support. This style is also referred to as a comfort strap bra. 

The Pros and Cons of Wide Strap Bras

  • They are good for people with heavier breasts as wider straps help distribute weight across the shoulders.
  • There is typically more padding in the straps, meaning that they are more comfortable for the shoulders.
  • They are less likely to slip off your shoulders.
  • They can reduce headaches and nerve problems in the neck and shoulder area caused by straps that dig into the shoulder.
  • They have a reputation as being unattractive, often called “granny” underwear.
  • Depending on the style, they can limit the clothing you can wear with it.

What to consider when choosing a wider strap bra?

1. Style

  • Choosing the right style can change the look and versatility of the bra. The kind you choose can help you avoid the “granny” look and allow you to wear it underneath different clothing styles. 
  • You can find wider strap bras with a front or a back closure, which changes the breast shape and the smoothness of the back of the bra. 
  • The cup style can also be different. Want a very supportive and conservative bra? Choose a full-coverage bra. 
  • Want a sexier look for a lower-cut top? You can find cups that plunge with lace detailing. 

2. Your Outfit

  • Because the straps are wider, you probably do not want to pair this bra style with a shirt with thin or spaghetti straps. 
  • If you are wearing a sleeveless top, make sure the shirt has wide enough straps to cover the bra straps. 
  • If it is a close call, you can always pin the straps together, so they do move.

3. Your Proper Bra Size

  • While many people buy a wider strap bra to help prevent red marks from straps that dig into their shoulders, that is not the only thing that affects this. 
  • A poorly fitting bra negates the benefits of comfortable straps. 

Different Styles of Wide Strap Bras


A full-coverage bra is designed to reduce the appearance of breast size.

This is done either by compressing the breasts closer to the breast wall or by pressing the breasts outward, giving a flatter appearance, or a combination.


A plunge cut bra has a deep bra line, often connected by a thin strap in the middle, to be worn underneath low-cut tops. 

Full Cup/Full-Coverage

This style of bra has a cup that completely covers the breast. A benefit of this style is that it often prevents potential spillage. 

Sports Bra 

Sports bras are designed to be worn during vigorous activities to help support the breasts and reduce potential tissue damage. 

While some sports bras are designed with thin straps, particularly for smaller-breasted women or low-impact activities, most sports bras use a wider strap for added comfort and support. 

Fun Facts About Wide Strapped Bras

  • A standard bra strap is 2.5cm, while a standard wide strap is approximately 4.5 cm in width. 
  • Knowing these measurements can help you find a bra that best fits your comfort and style!
  • The sports bra frequently uses wide straps. The first sports bra was invented in 1977 and was initially made from sewing jockstraps together.
  • Straps are only supposed to be responsible for 20% of a bra’s supportive work – the band should cover the other 80%. 
  • While wider strap bras can distribute weight better for larger chested women and help reduce red marks, a wide strap cannot overcome a poorly fitting bra. 
  • If your bra is causing deep, painful red marks, this is often caused by straps doing too much of the work.
  •  Check the fit of your band if your bra is causing red marks, and the straps fit. Your band could either be the wrong size or have stretched over time.

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