Are silicone bras safe?

Are silicone bras safe? 

If you are allergic to silicone, a silicone bra can be dangerous depending on the severity of the reaction. 

Allergies to pure or medical-grade silicone are rare. Most reactions are to another material or contaminants added to the bra in manufacturing. reports that there is no scientific evidence that bras cause cancer.

Otherwise, silicone bras have minor side effects, but they are preventable. 

The most common side effects are itchy skin, rash, or foul odor. 

You can prevent these problems by limiting the time you wear a silicone bra, proper fit, and avoiding worn or damaged bras. 

Silicon bras are not for everyday use and should not be worn for more than 6-8 hours. 

Silicone is not breathable like fabric, so sweat may build up and make things smelly. 

Dust, hair, and other microscopic particles trapped under the silicone irritate the skin and cannot escape. This makes the skin under the bra scratchy and itchy. 

This usually isn’t dangerous, but it is uncomfortable. Clean the bra with a gentle cleanser every time you take it off. 

Let it completely dry before you put it back on. If you see dust, then clean the bra before you wear it. 

Properly fitting silicone bras give you a more attractive cleavage than a too big or too small bra. 

A good fit helps with adhesion and feels more comfortable. A damaged, leaky, or worn silicone bra may irritate the skin under your breasts. 

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