How many bras should a woman own?

How many bras should a woman own? 

Bras are an essential undergarment for many women, but some have trouble figuring out exactly how many they should own. 

Unlike underwear that you switch out every day, bras can be tempting to wear multiple days in a row — even though you shouldn’t — which can make pinning down a number more complicated.

However, finding the right number of bras for you doesn’t have to be difficult, and there are a few things to consider that can help you come up with the best balance.

Three Bras or Thirty?

When it comes to nailing down the best number of bras to own, some women own more than others. 

Some own three or four, switching them out every day and washing them when they reach the last one they own. 

However, other women prefer to have a larger range with various varieties and styles.

The number of bras that you own will depend on the styles that you need. 

For instance, sports bras for workouts, push-up bras for nights out, and full-cup bras for comfort and support while working. 

Different lifestyles will dictate the styles that you will benefit from most, and this will increase the number of bras you will need to own.

On the other hand, having three or four comfortable and supportive bras is often enough for everyday wear.

Owning a couple of different ones in various colors can help give you enough to switch between without having to wear the same one multiple days in a row.

What Are the Different Styles I Should Own?

Owning different styles of bras can also help give you vary depending on what you need. Some of the best to add to your wardrobe include:


Bralettes feature molded cups and lack wires that can often be uncomfortable. 

While these are great for comfort, those with larger breasts often find that they lack proper support. 

However, for smaller breast sizes, bralettes can be good for lounging around the house.

T-Shirt Bras

T-shirt bras are great for casual wear and they are all about comfort. 

Capable of providing a smooth appearance under t-shirts, they can also be worn under other form-fitting shirts when you need a seamless silhouette.

Sports Bras

If you have an active lifestyle, owning at least one sports bra is a must. 

Designed to minimize movement during physical activities, they can be found at different support levels depending on your needs. 

Light and medium impact sports bras are the best for light activities like yoga, where a lot of bouncing won’t occur, whereas high impact sports bras are better for jogging and running.

Push-Up Bras 

Push-up bras feature extra padding and angled cups to help lift breasts and give them a fuller appearance.

These bras are great for when you want to enhance your cleavage for that little extra oomph.

Full Coverage Bras 

When it comes to everyday comfort and support, full coverage bras are a must-have, and they are perfect for those with larger breasts who need more support to be comfortable. 

Like T-shirt bras, these can be worn under everyday clothing, and they are one style that every wardrobe should include.

These are just five of many styles that you can include in your wardrobe, and each can give you options depending on what you’re wearing and what activities you will be doing that day.

How Do I Find The Perfect Number of Bras for Me?

When trying to decide the correct number of bras for you, it’s important to consider the clothing in your wardrobe and the activities that you do most. 

If you don’t lead an active lifestyle, owning sports bras may not be a priority, and instead, you may focus more on buying full-coverage bras to rotate between.

Nonetheless, if you wear a lot of different styles of clothing throughout the week, you may benefit from adding numerous styles to change between, which will increase the number of bras that you will need.

When it comes to finding the best number for you, consider these factors and take time to find the best fitting bras possible, instead of just running out and buying a bunch at once. 

Investing in high-quality, well-fitting bras will ensure that all of the bras you own last you for the longest time possible.

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