Why Do Strapless Bras Fall Down?

Why Do Strapless Bras Fall Down?

Some dresses and blouses may require you to wear a strapless bra. 

Yet, you may often find that your strapless bra falls from your bust, rendering it futile. 

Strapless bras aren’t always practical for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the reason, there is a solution. 

Three Common Reasons Strapless Bras Fall Down

The Bra Band is the Wrong Size

If the bra band is too big, the bra will most likely slip down your bust. The bra band is the primary support of the entire bra. 

It’s responsible for keeping all parts of the bra in place while providing a comfortable fit. 

Therefore, it’s essential to make sure the bra band fits your bust and is not too big. 

Adjusting the bra to a tighter clasp can work to keep it from falling, but a smaller band size is more likely to solve the issue and provide more comfort.

The Bra Band is Too Thin

Sometimes, a thin bra band is a culprit for why your strapless bra falls off your bust. 

A wider bra band may help you to increase the stability of your strapless bra. 

This is because the more skin that a bra band covers, the more skin it must hold onto to remain supporting your bust. 

Additionally, wide bra bands give the bra cups more outstanding support by preventing the strain from your bust from pushing them down.

The Strapless Bra Does Not Have Any Rubber or Silicone Tape

Anti-slip silicone tape on the inside of a strapless bra is one of the most important things that will prevent your strapless bra from slipping. 

The bra band and the surroundings of the bra cups must have silicone strips to assist all parts of the bra for maximum support and comfort. 

Be sure to check that your strapless bra contains silicon tape or rubber lining to prevent it from falling. 

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