How to Hide Your Bra Straps

If you have ever worn a shirt or dress that is off the shoulder, a spaghetti strap, or strapless, you know the struggle of having your bra strap constantly slip out. 

The last thing you want to do is to spend your time worrying about whether or not your bra is showing or repeatedly adjusting a falling strap. 

Just picture this, you’re out on a date, but you can’t focus on what the other person is saying because you are too busy worrying about whether your bra straps are visible.

Alternatively, you attend a party, but you are conscious about how your outfit looks instead of feeling confident. 

Issues such as these may sound trivial, but they are problems to consider when picking out an outfit. And to be frank, issues with your bra are more than annoying, and they can ruin your night. 

With our easy solutions for hiding your bra straps, you can be proactive about your outfit while wearing what you want. 

That way, you can feel fully confident when you go out in your dream strapless dress. Give our clever solutions a try so that you don’t let something as simple as an undergarment cause you stress. 

1. Get clear straps 

Clear straps are number one on our list because they provide all the support that a typical bra with regular nude or colored straps would give while giving a strapless appearance. 

You can specifically look for a bra with clear straps, or you can buy them separately and attach them to any of your regular bras. 

Clear bras are also comfortable and will feel just like your regular bra. 

2. Use a paper clip 

The paper clip hack has been around for many years. Paper clips and inexpensive and can usually be found as a common household item. 

There are a few ways that you can use the paper clip to hide your bra strap. One way to use the paper clip is to clip your bra straps to a spaghetti strap to ensure the bra strap doesn’t move around. 

You can also clip your bra straps together into a racerback bra so that the straps are not visible when wearing a racerback tank top. 

3. Wear a bra converter 

If you commonly wear outfits that need a solution for how to hide your bra, you may want to invest in a bra strap converter. 

For example, if your dress has a low and open back, a bra strap converter will allow you to adjust where you want your bra strap to connect so that it is not visible.

This extendable bra strap is a game-changer when it comes to hiding your bra strap entirely. 

4. Built-in cups 

You can find many dresses and shirts that have bra cups that have already been sewed in so that you have built-in support. 

You can also sew in cups yourself with padding from a sports bra or cut out a bra and use the cups. 

This DIY option is cost-effective, and with a bit of extra work on your part, you can ensure a stress-free outfit. 

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