Why do women wear a bra?

Bras are part of everyday wear for women, and many consider them a staple of any woman’s fashion repertoire. 

A majority of women today wear bras despite the growing popularity from celebrities and fashionistas to go without. 

Here are some reasons that may answer why do girls wear bras and everything in between. 

1. Comfort

Many women decide to wear bras to feel comfortable throughout the day. 

Gone are the days where women had to wear corsets and uncomfortable wire bras that added pain and discomfort to a woman’s clothes. 

Today’s bras are made from soft materials and even come wireless for everyday comfort. 

Bras add a layer of heat, protection, and extra padding to help women feel comfortable. 

2. For Fashion

Why do girls wear a bra with designs? Why not simply wear one color, such as black or white all the time? 

Many bras complement an outfit and can even act as cute tops themselves. That fine mesh or see-through shirt might look great with a pretty bra underneath! 

Women express themselves equally through their bras and their other clothes, turning bras into a fashion statement. 

3. For Added Support

Bras offers a tremendous amount of support for large and smaller bust women by lifting the breasts. 

This is also why many women still prefer bras that have shoulder straps and even cross-back straps. 

Nowadays, even strapless bras offer support from gravity. 

4. Aid in Exercise/Sports

During exercise, women’s breasts need even more support than they regularly would. 

Running, weightlifting, and sports all cause breasts to move around more than usual, causing tissue damage and pain

Sports bras are great at minimizing breast movement during exercise for women and are a popular part of workout gear. 

Nike and Under Armour are popular sports bra brands for women, but many more sports bras out there can help. 

5. Better Shape

Bras are designed to cup the breasts, and in doing so, provide an excellent shape to them. 

Every woman has different breast shapes, so a bra helps women have a standard shape and even complement outfits such as fitted shirts and crop tops. 

During the ’50s, women even wore bras that had exaggerated pointed cups called bullet bras. Talk about a fashion statement! 

6. Increased Confidence

Bras today are designed to be sexy, fun, and even increase confidence during a girl’s night out. 

Why do girls wear a bra that is designed such as Victoria’s Secret and Pink? 

These are popular brands that provide support and even additional cleavage to make any woman feel great about her breast shape and size. 

7. Additional Security

Believe it or not, new bras now have additional pockets for added storage and security! 

These bras with pockets are more popular than ever and help women hide away important keys and even IDs while having a fun night out. 

8. Help with Posture

Having good posture is incredibly important for overall health, as posture issues can affect the spine and lead to cervical neuralgia, pain, and even dizziness. 

Bras help women have great posture by providing support and assisting the breasts to stay upright. 

9. Back Pain Prevention

Every woman with a large bust knows that gravity can weigh down heavily on the upper back over time. 

Without a bra, women are more prone to back pain and neck pain. Bras can help provide support to prevent back and neck pain. 

Unfortunately, an ill-fitting bra can also cause women to have pain from breasts being squeezed too tight, or even more back and neck pain! 

10. Prevent Sagging

Over time, breasts that are not supported begin to sag due to stretching breast tissue. 

There is no muscle in the breasts, so the fat and skin make them up to begin to sag. 

Why do girls wear bra straps on their bras? Bra straps and bras, in general, can help prevent this sagging or delay it for a couple of years! 

11. Prevent Stretch Marks

Unfortunately, when breasts sag, they also cause stretch marks where the skin is stretched too far. 

Weight gain, pregnancy, and other issues can also cause stretch marks on the breasts, making a bra a good choice for women to prevent stretch marks. 

12. Prevent Chafing

Loose-fitting clothes or lots of movement, such as running, can cause nipple pain and chaff without wearing a bra. 

Bras provide a layer of protection for women and help prevent pain and chaffing on the skin. 

Bras can also prevent rashes by keeping the under part of women’s breasts lifted and dry. 

13. Help During PMS and Period

Pre-menopausal syndrome, also known as PMS, and hormonal changes during a woman’s period can cause breast soreness, among other symptoms. 

Women like to wear bras to have additional support and help relieve pain caused by breast soreness during these times. 

14. Help During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women experience hormonal changes that cause breasts to grow and also be extremely sore. 

This can cause even women with smaller breasts to seek the help of a padded or other bras for additional support. 

In addition, during pregnancy, various changes to breast tissue, such as milk glands, can also cause women to wear bras during their pregnancy and even their post-partum phase. 

15. To Help After Breast Augmentation 

Many women choose to undergo cosmetic procedures to either enlarge or reduce the size of their breasts. 

Many doctors recommend using a compression bra after surgery to help the healing process, prevent excess swelling, and help implants stay in place.

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