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Typically bras include an underwire that provides support and shape. 

The wire is found underneath the cup and lifts the breasts giving more volume. 

Although a wired bra has its benefits, there are drawbacks to its design, such as discomfort. A wireless bra offers an alternative. 

What Is A Wireless Bra

What Is A Wireless Bra?

A wireless bra does not include a wire underneath the cup. Instead, it relies on the fabric, strap, and band for support

Many find a wireless bra more comfortable than a wired bra. A wired bra creates soreness of the breasts or back when worn during the day. 

A wireless bra may not have all the functions of a wired bra, but it wins in comfort. 

Benefits Of A Wireless Bra

There are many benefits to a wireless bra that a wired bra does not contain. 


Women with larger breasts may enjoy a wired bra compared to wireless because of the support. 

But, during a workout, a wireless bra offers better movement, support, and encapsulation. 

Workout bras are specifically designed to support the breasts during low or high activity. It’s better to wear a wireless bra during a workout for comfort and support. 

Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy

Pregnancy will change the shape and feel of a woman’s breasts. 

They will enlarge over time, and a wire will cause discomfort if worn during or after pregnancy. 

A wireless bra will not interrupt circulation and give comfort to the mother and mother-to-be. 


Some wired bras can cut the circulation of blood to the breasts. They restrict the natural blood flow, which is harmful to the body. 

This can even lead to cardiovascular issues in extreme cases. A well-fitted wireless bra does not constrain the breasts’ normal circulation. 


Out of all the great benefits of a wireless bra, it is the best in comfort. There is no soreness throughout the day or after the bra is removed. 

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The Downside To Wireless Bras

The main benefit of a wireless bra is comfort. However, a woman will lose some benefits from a wired bra that wireless does not offer. 

Pros and Cons of a Wireless Bra 

Great for working outIt will not give the same shape as a wired bra
Can be worn during pregnancy and post-pregnancyDesigns are limited
Will not restrict circulationLarger cup sizes may not have full support
Most comfortable bra that can be worn

Wireless Bra Fitting

It may be challenging to pick out the right wireless bra size when transferring from a wired bra. 

Some wireless bras do not have a cup or padding to help determine the size. Sometimes the strap may be too tight or loose. Here are three steps to find out the right wireless bra fit. 

Know your size

The transition from a wired to a wireless bra will not affect the size of the bra. It’s best to measure yourself at home to get an accurate bra size

Adjust the straps

Although a wireless bra will not give the same shape as a wired bra, it will offer the same support. Adjusting the straps will help support the breasts. Make sure the straps are adjusted correctly. 

Check the band 

The band of the bra should not be too tight or too loose. Some wireless bras do not have hooks in the back to adjust, so it’s essential to buy a fitted bra. 

Two fingers should easily fit underneath the band without too much pressure, and three fingers should not fit comfortably underneath—a simple rule: If it feels too tight, it is too tight. 

Wear What Is Best

Although there are many benefits to wearing a wireless bra, it is up to the woman to decide what is best. 

A wireless bra delivers comfort, support, and cute designs, but it is not the same as a wired bra. 

The pain and discomfort of a wired bra do not exist with a wireless bra. 

Nonetheless, a wireless bra will not give the same shape or volume as a wired bra. It is up to you to decide what the best fit is for your lifestyle and body. 

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