Back Smoothing Bra

The problem of back fat plagues many women. Back-smoothing bras can help eliminate this problem. 

Designed to reduce bulges in the back of the bra area, they will help you look your slimmest. 

Their smooth lines and seamless silhouette minimize back bulges and eliminate lumps, lines, and bumps.

what is a back smoothing bra
what is a back-smoothing bra

Back Smoothing Bra vs. Regular Bra

Back Smoothing Bra
  • Have broader under bands for more support and smoothing.
  • Have wider straps for extra support.
  • Have a higher side panel for side support and smoothing.
Regular Bra
  • Thinner bands can lead to side and back spillage.
  • Thin straps are non-extra supportive.
  • Have no side support.

What Causes the Bra Back Bulge?

 So, what causes that unsightly back bulging? Here are a few factors that could contribute to the dreaded back bulge. 

1. Your bra is too tight

The incorrect right bra size is the most common cause of bra back bulging. Even if you get a back-smoothing bra, if it doesn’t fit correctly, you’re still at risk of bulging out.

2. Your cup size is too small

Another leading factor is that you are in the wrong cup size. More so, your cup size is too small. 

3. The Fabric

In some cases, the fabric of the bra itself can contribute to bra bulging. 

Especially if the material is stiff and does not stretch or flex, causing the bra to dig into the skin, causing bulging.

Most back-smoothing bras are made with nylon, spandex, and microfiber, which stretches and aids in creating a whole smooth appearance. 

4. Your body

Women with fuller figures typically have more problems with bra bulging than people with slimmer figures. However, anyone can be affected by it. 

What to Look for in a Back Smoothing Bra?

Bra shopping can be hard enough, but looking for a back-smoothing bra does not have to be all that difficult.

Back smoothing bras come in all styles, so you’re sure to find a kind you like, but there are particular features you want your back smoothing bra to have. 

Here are some things to look out for when looking for a back-smoothing bra:

  • Wide bra band: The under-bra band is where much of the bra’s support comes from aside from the straps. Therefore, you want the under-bra band to be wide or thicker to give you that extra support and smooth everything out. 
  • High cut side panels: This pertains to the side of the bra that goes underneath your armpits. A higher cut side panel prevents band rolling, which can lead to any release of back bulges.
  • Thick straps: Broad strap grants security. It will all be lifted neatly.
  • Extra supportive: If you have a larger bust and are battling the back bra bulge, be on the lookout for back-smoothing bras with additional supporting features. Many back-smoothing bras have extra supportive features to lift you and hold you in for your smooth look.
  • Front Closure: Front closure back-smoothing bras are the ultimate pick for a smooth back appearance, leaving no chance of any bulging or bumps due to the clasp in the front.

Back Smoothing Bras Vs. Side Smoothing Bras

Back smoothing bra vs. side smoothing bras. What’s the difference? Not much. 

Each bra can tackle your bra spillage issues, whether in the back spillage or side spillage, with no problem. 

Both bras are designed to smooth away the bulges all the way around and create an overall smooth look. 

Some bras even feature back and side smoothing all in one. 

These bras are usually designed to deliver you full cup coverage and feature a higher-up side panel for side smoothing with a forced structured band that tucks all your goods in, creating a smooth, seamless look.

 Is Back Smoothing Bra’s Cute?

 Yes, you can find a cute or even sexy back smoothing bra to fit your preference, as they come in a variety of styles, such as:

Now that you know what to look for, this is one battle of the bulge you can win.

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