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What is a Pepper Bra?  

So much attention has been paid to how bras fit women with larger busts that sometimes small chested women get left out of the design process.

Many manufacturers assume that more petite busted women want styles with heavy padding or won’t wear a bra.

But the Pepper bra changes that notion. This bra was designed with smaller chests in mind, offering a fit that embraces their natural size and shape.

Pros and Cons of a Pepper Bra

  • Comfortable
  • Fit better on small chests than bralettes and other styles
  • Sexy without bulky padding
  • Only available with standard straps
  • Can’t be worn with halter tops and strapless styles
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About the Pepper Bra

  • Designed specifically for smaller sizes: The founder of Pepper designed the bra to offer a more natural and comfortable fit for women whose cup size ranges from AA to B. It fixes common frustrations, including gaps at the sternum. 
  • Comes in wired and wireless styles: Although Pepper’s current selection is limited to a few styles, there are wireless and wired options for those who prefer. 
  • It’s flattering without pads: This bra is made to contour smaller chested bodies; it shapes the silhouette and makes clothing look more flattering. 

Pepper Bra sizing

The below size chart will help you to find your correct pepper bra size.

Wirefree Bra Sizing

Wirefree bra available sizes in XXS-XL

Underwear Sizing

Pant size00-00-22-46-810-1214

How to Buy Your Pepper Bra

Currently, the Pepper Bra is only available online, so specific parts of the shopping experience, like getting measured, aren’t available. 

  1. Take the quiz: Pepper’s website starts with a quiz. You will be asked questions about your current bra and how it fits to determine your Pepper size and style. 
  2. Choose your desired style: Pepper offers wired and wire-free styles, including a lacy bralette that you can wear when you want to add a sexy touch to your wardrobe. Pick the style you like best. 
  3. Opt for a set: If you find a style you like, get it in a set. Pepper bras come in packs of two and three, so you can wear your favorite with every outfit.
  4. Try it on: Pepper offers free returns and exchanges within 30 days as long as the bra hasn’t been worn and still has its tags. If your Pepper bra doesn’t fit, exchange it. 

Interesting Facts About Pepper

Aside from the company’s mission to help women with smaller breasts accept themselves the way they are, Pepper has other unique traits. 

  • Sustainability: All Pepper bras are made with ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices. The company uses certified non-toxic materials and employs women and single mothers in its manufacturing locations. 
  • Empowerment: Part of Pepper’s mission is to champion small breasts and move them into the mainstream. As such, its Instagram page highlights satisfied customers who proudly showcase their bras. 
  • They offer accessories: While you’re on the website looking for your new favorite bra, pick up a face mask or a pair of socks. 

How the Pepper Bra is Different

If you’re a smaller chested woman who is curious about Pepper, you might be wondering if it’s worth the extra money. Here is how the bras differ from others. 

  1. The cups are designed for small breasts: Many bras made for smaller sizes gap at the top of the bust line. Pepper cups are shaped differently, scooping and lifting with no gaps. 
  2. They are comfy: When designing new styles, Pepper’s founders keep the body in mind. Each bra is made to fit a smaller body instead of being designed for a standard cup size and modified to be smaller. 
  3. The underwires don’t poke: If you’re not usually into underwires, give the wired Pepper bra a shot. You might find that after a few wears, this one is just as comfortable as your favorite bralette with more support. 

Lingerie designers have often overlooked Small-breasted women. 

But Pepper has considered unique concerns with smaller breasts and has created the perfect bra for you. 

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