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The Dos and Don’ts of Buying a Training Bra

When your pre-teen is starting the process of puberty, you’ll likely need a training bra, which is also known as a junior bra. 

This essential helps girls get used to wearing a bra. It also protects and supports the breasts, which can be highly tender during this time. 

If your daughter is beginning to develop, learn what you need to know about training bras

Pros and Cons

  • It protects against chafing from clothing
  • It offers the right level of protection to girls who haven’t developed enough breast tissue for a regular bra
  • It can make her self-conscious about her developing body

Types of Training Bras

A training bra is not a one-size-fits-all undergarment. Today’s young ladies have a variety of options from which to choose. 

  • Racerback sports bras: This type of bra is great for your active tween. It is sporty and supportive. It also looks like clothing she probably already wears. If your daughter is particularly self-conscious, this is a good starter bra. 
  • Bralette: Unlike the heavily hooked, polyester models of the old days, today’s tween can select a bralette, which is kind of like an extra-supportive tank top. Like a sports bra, a bralette is an excellent transitional piece that is easily worn under any outfit. 
  • Front hook: If your daughter is excited about her impending journey into womanhood, a front hook training bra may be right for her. This style is cute and frilly. Perfect for dresses and other less casual outfits. 

How to Tell if Your Daughter is Ready for a Training Bra

  1. Be open with her: If you’ve cultivated an open relationship with your daughter up until now, she may tell you that she thinks it’s time to go shopping for a training bra. If not, you might have to look for some potential clues. 
  2. Consider her age: The onset of puberty differs for everyone. It usually begins around age 11, but it can start as early as 7 in some girls. 
  3. She is uncomfortable in her clothing: If your daughter is squirming and seems to be experiencing discomfort in her usual clothes, she might be ready for a training bra. 
  4. Her friends are wearing them: Even if your daughter isn’t quite ready for a training bra, she might want one of her friends are wearing them. 

Choosing a Training Bra

Let your daughter pick out her bras. She is the one who will be wearing it, so you want something that makes her comfortable. 

  • Consider the fabric: Go with a soft fabric that is comfortable and easy to care for. Bralettes and sports bras are often stretchy, so they’re easier for young girls to put on and take off. 
  • Look at the straps: Choose a training or junior bra with straps that fit snugly to the body and don’t fall down. Steer clear of clamps and other finishings that can dig into her skin. 
  • See how it looks with clothes: Puberty is tough, and kids aren’t always nice, particularly if your daughter is developing early. Find a bra that blends in with her clothes. 

How to Shop for a Training Bra

  1. Measure your daughter: This is one of the more uncomfortable parts of the process, but if you don’t take measurements, you run the risk of buying the wrong size bra. Measure her rib cage and add 4 to get the band size. Next, consider her clothing size. 
  2. Check for padding: During pre-puberty, your daughter won’t need a bra with a lot of padding. Choose a style that fits snugly without bulky pads. 
  3. Buy multiple styles: While your daughter may insist that a sports bra is right for her, she might decide that it’s not comfortable after wearing it a few times. Buy multiple styles so she can try them all and pick the one she likes best. 

Shopping for a training bra can be stressful for parents and tweens alike. 

Take care of the uncomfortable parts first, like taking measurements. Then go out and have fun with the shopping process. 

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